Benefits of cucumber…


So let us tell you about some effective benefits of cucumbers

Cucumber and summer come together Cucumber has many nutrients, which make it necessary for health. The cucumber is called the powerhouse of mineral, vitamins and electrolytes. This is the most special choice in sandwiches, salads, raita. In summer, cucumber is eaten in some form. During this, it is necessary to eat light and clean as the problem of diarrhea and food poisoning is higher in the summer compared to winter. But there is also a warning along with the cucumber, and that is after eating cucumber should not drink water.

Do not drink water after eating cucumber

Cucumber has 95 percent water. Cucumber contains essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese and most important silica. It is considered to be very beneficial for skin and hair. It contains 95 percent water, In such a way after eating it, by drinking water, you can be deprived of these essential nutrients. For better absorption of nutrients, it is advisable to avoid drinking water after eating raw vegetables and fruits.

Drinking water immediately after eating cucumber, increases GI mobility, By which the natural process of absorption and digestion is damaged. By drinking water with cucumber or after that, the body’s pH level can be disturb. The body needs pH level to digest food. Lots of water can weaken the pH level. Apart from this, drinking water over the cucumber, the acids needed to digest foodstuff do not work effectively, which can lead to problems related to digestion.

If you are struggling with problems like digestion and constipation, So for you, high-water foods such as cucumber can prove to be panacea. It will relax your intestines, but if you drink water with cucumber, you may have to face problems like diarrhea and loose motions.

Impressive health benefits of cucumbers-

Weight control

If you want to lose weight, then cucumber can prove to be your best companion. Cucumber has 95 percent water, which strengthens metabolism. Because of the high amount of water in the cucumber itself, you avoid the use of many such things, In which weight gain things are high.

Cancer prevention

Recent research has proved that eating cucumber daily can reduce the risk of cancer. Protein found in cucumber produces the strength to fight cancer in our body. It prevents the development of cancer or tumor.

Immunity power

Cucumber is also important in strengthening immunity power. Cucumbers contain antioxidants like vitamin C, beta carotene, which remove free radicals present in the body. This improves immunity.

Strong bones

If cucumber is eaten with peel, it benefits the bones. The cucumber peel contains a considerable quantity of silica, which strengthens the bones. Calcium present in it also works very well for the health of bones.

These are all wonderful benefits of cucumbers, By eating cucumber you can make health good and avoid many diseases.