By doing these mistakes honey can become poison…

While the use of honey in the right direction is similar to the nectar for health, on the other hand, if it is eaten incorrectly, it can become poison for you.Misuse of honeyHoney for life is a precious gift of nature. Regular consumption of honey gives the body strength and energy. Honey makes the body healthy, beautiful and shapely. With obesity reduction, honey also increases obesity. The patient can be healthy by the properties of sweet honey. If honey is used properly, it is like nectar for health, on the other hand if it is eaten incorrectly, it can also become poison for you. Let’s know what that, using honey in the wrong way becomes poison.

Honey with hot food

However, to reduce weight, honey is drunk in lukewarm water. But do you know that by eating honey with hot food it becomes like a poison? Therefore, do not eat honey with hot food anytime as per Ayurveda.

Honey in tea or coffee

To avoid sugar, people often start using honey instead of tea or coffee. But do not use honey instead of sugar in tea or coffee. Eating with honey is neither good for taste, nor for health. Sugar should be consumed in tea, coffee, etc.

Honey with meat and fish

Consumption of honey with meat, fish is also not good for health. Because with them honey consumption, Honey works like poison.

Honey with sugar

Mixing honey in sugar is like mixing poison in nectar. Which is very harmful for the health. Therefore, never eat honey with sugar. Rather eat honey instead of sugar It is very beneficial for health.

High amount of honey

It is not advisable to take more quantity of honey at a time. Doing this is harmful. It can cause diarrhea. So honey should take one or two teaspoons twice a day.

Do not cook on the flame

Even by cooking honey on the flame it works like poison. Therefore, whenever you want to use honey properly, do not cook it on the flame, otherwise it will become harmful rather than benefit. So do not mistake to heat honey. Use it by take out it directly from your jar.

Honey with milk and ghee

Consumption of milk, ghee, honey etc. is harmful. At the same time mixing equal quantity of ghee or milk in honey is harmful too. Apart from this, honey should not be eaten with oil and butter etc. By getting honey in all these things, it works like poison and becomes harmful to our health.