Health benefits of basil…


Let us tell you wonderful health benefits of basil after that you will know why you should eat basil

Basil not only holds religious importance, but also has many health benefits. Many scientific researches confirm the properties present in basil. Since the ancient times in India, the medicinal properties of basil are given great importance. Let us know about some such qualities which are beneficial for our health.

10 Unique health benefits of basil

1. Relieve cough –

Basil leaves help in clearing phlegm. Chewing soft leaves of basil with ginger provides relief from cough and cold. Boiling basil with tea leaves and drinking it cures sore throat.

2. Refine skin –

Basil is found in thymol element, which is helpful in curing skin diseases. Mixing equal quantity of basil and lemon juice and applying on the face, cures freckles and pimples and Also, the color of the face refine.

3. Relief in headache –

Drinking basil decoction relieves headache.

4. Relieves diarrhea and vomiting

Mixing equal amount of small cardamom, ginger juice and basil leaves does not cause vomiting. If diarrhea occurs, mixing basil leaves with roasted cumin and licking it with honey thrice a day is beneficial.

5. Say stress by-bye

Basil also has anti-stress properties. Many researches have confirmed the benefits of basil in stress. Consuming 10-12 leaves of basil daily increases your mental efficiency and your ability to fight stress.

6. Eyes will shine

The problem of the eyes is due to lack of Vitamin A. Basil juice is very beneficial for eye problems. Basil extract proves to be very effective in eye irritation. Two drops of Holy basil extract should be put in the eyes daily at night. However, you are advised to consult your eye doctor before trying this remedy.

7. Beneficial in ear problems

Basil is very beneficial in ear problems such as running ears, pain and hearing loss. Mixing camphor in basil juice and heating it lightly and putting it in the ear cures pain. In ear pain, rubbing the juice of basil leaves is very beneficial.

8. There will not be shortness of breath

Basil is found to be very useful in treating breathing problems. Drinking a decoction made with honey, ginger and basil provides relief in bronchitis, asthma, phlegm and cold.

9. Bad breath will be away

Chewing a few leaves of basil daily cures the infection of the mouth. Mixing dry leaves of basil with mustard oil and cleaning the teeth does not come from bad breath.

10. Kidney will remain fit

Basil makes the kidney strong. Boil leaves of basil in kidney stones and make extract of it. By consuming this extract with honey regularly for 6 months, the stone comes out from the urine route.

These are all 10 impressive health benefits of basil, By consuming basil you can make health good and avoid many diseases.