Why is the waist pain after getting up in the morning…

Waist pain, in the morning time

Often people wake up in the morning they start feeling waist pain, waist pain is such a pain that has the greatest effect on our everyday life. In such a situation, you are not able to walk properly or sit down. Although some people get cured within half an hour, some people’s waist pain remains on the whole day. If you also have to endure the pain in the morning when you wake up, then find the reasons behind it.

Obesity reasons

Obesity can also cause back pain. Having extra weight in the central part of the body pulls Pelvis forward and puts pressure on the lower part of the waist. The waist bends forward to handle this extra weight. So always keep your weight under control.

Causes of arthritis

Arthritis may be the beginning of pain in the waist or joints after getting up from bed in the morning. If pain and hardness in the body, upon getting up from bed it lasts for 30 minutes, then you should contact your doctor.

Due to smoking and medicines

Smoking is the most important reason for back pain in the morning. Smokers are three times more prone to waist pain because the tissue of the back gets damaged due to smoking. Apart from this, the intake of medicines weakens the bones due to which there is pain in the waist in the morning.

Due to incorrect position of mattress and sleeping

Check your mattress to see if your mattress gives full support to your waist or not. Always choose the hard mattress for waist pain, this gives the full support of the waist, You also have pain in the waist at the time of morning by the position of sleeping. Yes, if you sleep on your stomach by pressing your mouth down, then you get chances of pain in your waist. So use pillows for comfortable position.