Why do some people early fall prey to allergy? Learn ways to prevent it…

Allergy is the change in the body which occurs when exposed to certain object. Mostly exposure to animals, dust and dirt is allergic. In this, symptoms like coughing, sneezing, breathlessness and headache in the person are seen. In this situation, our immune system can not accept certain things and the result is seen as a reaction. In the allergies, there are red rashes on the body, water flows through the nose and eyes; it nausea, it vomits, breath runs fast and fever can also occur. Allergy is not dangerous, but the problem can be serious if you don’t pay attention.

Causes of allergies

Some people may be allergic to eating peanuts, milk, eggs etc. which that is allergic to, to after eating it, nausea, itching in the body, or having grain and rashes on the whole body problems like can occur. Typically, after eating something, the symptoms of allergies begin to rise from 10 minutes to within half an hour.

Dust particles contain microbes that remain present around us. Microbes grow rapidly in humidity. In allergies to them usually, sneezes, there may be problems like water flowing through the eyes and nose.

On the bite of insects skin is reddish and it blossomed, occasionally there may be vomiting, dizziness and fever.

Fragrance may also cause allergic reactions for many people. The fragrance of perfumes, scent candles, many types of beauty products etc. can be a problem of headache or nausea.

Domestic animal: Pets are also the cause of allergies to many people. Animal hair, salivary or dandruff emerging from their mouth from etc many people suffer serious problems.

Many times grass, trees and flowers are also the cause of allergies. It may be a problem of itching, eye irritation, continuous sneezing, when coming in contact with them.

Some people are also allergic to certain seasons. On changing the weather, these people have problems like sore throat, fever, nose bleeding and burning sensation. Try it in such a way that more and more stay inside the house. Avoid rapid changes in temperature, i.e. that is, do not go from cold to hot or hot to cold environment.

Pollen i.e. pollen grains of flowers are also allergic to people. These fine particles move into the nose and throat when exposed to trees and grasses and cause problems. During the weather in which Pollen comes, leave less out of the house. Keep the windows of the house closed. Stay in AC or fan and do not use coolers. Get air purifiers in the house. If you want to get out of the house take the glasses on your eyes and the mask on the nose.

Some people are allergic to gold or silver oxidized jewelry, some of them with leather or synthetic fabrics. If this happens, it may be itching after coming in contact with these things. Such people avoid using these things. If ever it is to be worn and itching starts then place steroid based cream on that place.

Many people are allergic to particular medicine too. It can increase the hassle by continuing.

Which people have more allergies

Allergies in children are more likely than adults. If the child is suffering from excessive fatigue, it is cold cough or itching in the nose, it can be allergic. Similarly, allergic problems in the elderly also are very common as their immune system also becomes weak. They should take special care of the changing season. Sometimes allergies are also genetic. If the parents are allergic to dust or anything else then children are more likely to be allergic. However, it is not necessary that both the format of allergies are the same. If the mother has skin rashes due to allergic to dust, child may come sneezing because of allergic reactions from fragrance.

How to avoid allergy

People in our country have fewer information about allergies. Often people are not aware that they are getting sick again and again. So its reason there may also be food or weather. In fact, if there is a reaction in the body, then the doctor should show up and refrain from using that thing again. To strengthen the children’s immune system, let them play in dust-soil and sunshine. This will help them fight against diseases. Let them get wet in the rain or go swimming pool. Yes, after playing in dust-soil their do not forget to wash hands and feet well.

If someone is allergic to dust and smoke, they should use napkins or masks before leaving the house. Rescue is the only treatment for allergies.

Those who are allergic to cold, avoid eating cold and sour things like pickle, tamarind, ice cream etc.

Those who are allergic to dust or dirt, they should keep changing the cover of the bed sheet, pillows and the curtain from time to time. Do not use the carpet, or keep it dry cleaning in at least 6 months.

If any medicine is allergic, then it should avoid eating. Whenever the doctor is shown, then tell them about this allergy.

Test for allergies

Prick test: If anything is suspected of allergic reactions, then the prick test is done to find out the exact cause. 60 types of allergic information is obtained through prick test.

Blood test: Blood tests are also tested for allergies. Although it is not considered very accurate.