Weight Gain Diet

Weight Gain Diet

Do you know helpful diet for weight gain?

You will be unaware of these effective weight gain diet

Let us tell you the diet to gain weight after this you will know how to gain weight naturally..

If you want to stay healthy, it is important to keep the weight balanced. People whose weight is balanced according to their age and height, they enjoy a healthy life. Therefore, as much as necessary to reduce obesity, equally important is weight gain. Often people advise to reduce obesity, but no one talks about increasing weight. People of underweight not only look weak, but their personality also does not look attractive.

We will discuss this issue in this article of My Health Only. We have brought a weight gain diet chart for slim people, which they will follow to help them increase their weight.

Weight Gain Diet Chart –

FoodTimeWhat to Eat (Vegetarian / Non-Veg)
Before breakfast7am-8am> Full-fat milk tea with sugar. If you do not drink tea, you can take almond milk.
Breakfast8am-9am> Eat two pieces of multigrain bread with less fat butter and omelette.
> Instead you can eat a bowl oatmeal, corn flakes or porridge with vegetables.
> You can also eat poha, upma and khichdi by adding various vegetables.
> Eating two chapattis or two parathas with vegetables can also prove beneficial.
> You must choose one among the various options mentioned above and consume fruit with it.
Brunch10am-11am> Consume a glass full fat milk shake or you can have take a protein shake. You can also eat full-fat curd instead.
Lunch12:30pm-1:30pm> A bowl of vegetables, two chapattis with pulses and a bowl of rice. You must add ghee to vegetables and pulses and you can also apply ghee on chapattis.
> Non-veg eaters can take two pieces of chicken / a fish / egg / cheese along with chapatti and rice.
> Take cucumber, carrot and cabbage salad with lunch in the afternoon.
> You can also take a bowl of curd.
Evening snack5:30pm-6:30pm> Veg / Non Veg Soup with Butter
> You can also eat cheese or mayonnaise sandwich
Dinner8:30pm-9:30pm> You can eat at night in the same way as the diet you ate for lunch, but do not eat rice at night.
Before bedtime10:30pm-11pm> Drink a glass of milk.
Diet for Weight Gain

Weight gain is not a difficult task for lean skinny people. Just need, then set your goals and be patient to achieve it. Eat balanced and nutritious food and take the necessary supplements on the advice of your doctor. This not only increases your weight, but you will also be healthy. Also, exercise regularly.