These natural ways to diagnosed PCOS from the root, Many other benefits come to the body..

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal imbalance problem in women. Not only Indian women, but millions of women from all over the world are affected by PCOD. This is a situation in which small ulcers are formed in the ovary, which produce male hormones instead of female hormones. Due to this situation, problems like irregular periods and complex pregnancies arise in women.

As the body develops obesity, this disease gets direct invitations. This is because the amount of estrogen hormone increases due to excessive fat which is responsible for making cyst in Overy. Obesity increases due to excessive fat food, lack of exercise and irregular lifestyles. So if you want to avoid obesity, exercise daily and keep your diet healthy and balanced. Today we are telling you the symptoms of PCOS and the natural ways to avoid it.

Symptoms of PCOS

Symptoms of PCOS can be seen in women only after a few months of growing the disease. Symptoms include:

Acne- Because in this situation testosterone levels are high, it can make your skin oily and cause breakout. If your face is getting acne more than enough then once you show the doctor

Unwanted hair – On the face of most women suffering from PCOS and on other parts of the body the hair grows. This situation is also called Hirsutism. This is due to the increase of male hormones in the body.

Rapidly growing weight – Approximately 80% of women with PCOS suffer from weight gain. You must know that increasing weight gives an invitation to many diseases.

Irregular Periods One of the most common symptoms of PCOS is irregular menstruation.

Headache Headache is not a common symptom, but it can affect some women.

Hair thinning – As the condition grows, your hair may become thin and hair fall is also involved in the symptoms of this disease.

Natural ways to diagnosed PCOS

Elements of turmeric

Ulcers inflammation formed due to abnormal levels of hormones is the result of this disease. Turmeric contains many such elements that help in preventing this disease. PCOS is quickly corrected by drinking turmeric in milk. But once before, consult a doctor’s advice.

COD Liver Oil

COD liver oil reduces the level of androgens in women suffering from PCOS. It also helps in regulating female hormones. COD liver oil can also be effective in improving unwanted hair growth and irregular menstrual periods such as PCOS debilitating symptoms.

Green Tea and PCOS

Green tea is an excellent source for improving insulin sensitivity and controlling glucose levels. If the level of insulin is high, it means that your testosterone levels will increase, which can lead to more unpleasant symptoms of PCOS. Everyday two to three cups will maximize health benefits on green tea.

Basil is beneficial

Tulsi consumption can control the level of your insulin, which helps to block the production of testosterone. You can put basil leaves in your tea and drink it, mix it in your smoothie or add it to your salad. Basil reduces your cortisol level and prevents from increasing weight.

Stop growing weight immediately

Maintaining your weight can help to maintain your insulin levels and also reduce the health risks associated with PCOS. Being overweight is considered to be the underlying cause of polycystic ovarian disease. Diet and exercise with low calorie can improve the symptoms of PCOS.

Make stress less

In today’s fast-paced world, women experience stress in every stage of their life. Stress increases the amount of cortisol in your body, By which there may be fat overgrowth and congestion in the body. Some things that you can try to maintain in your stress level include enough sleep, caffeine cutting, yoga and meditation.