Stay away from these foods in Holi, increases obesity and diabetes…

Holi is one of the big festivals of our country. On this day, people get embraced each other by coloring each other. It is said that enemies also become friends on this day. This festival does not just like children., but also the elderly of the house enjoy this festival very much. While in Holi, people enjoy splash of colors, On the other hand, Holi seems incomplete without sweets and Gujia. First people used to make sweets at home on festivals but in the absence of time, most people bring market-made Gujia and sweets. But nowadays the sweets present in the market have become very mixed, which consumes many kinds of diseases.

Often, surveys have shown that after HoliĀ obesity and diabetes stomach disorders and skin related diseases are increasing. On the other hand, people are complaining about growing weight. The reason for this is high calorie foods and adulterated sweets. Everyone knows that the desserts mixed at the time of festivals are available. Regardless, its people buy sweets from outside. Today we are telling you some tips from which you can control both your weight and diabetes.

Say these foods, No

Gujia is made in almost every house on the occasion of Holi. If you are troubled by your rising weight or you are a patient of diabetes then stay away from them.

Use the chips in a small amount. Potato chips are often formed on the occasion of Holi. Potato weight and diabetes increases both.

Stay away from more spicy food. Do not touch things such as dahi vada, dumplings, tikki and samosas.

If the party is going to run in your house on Holi and it will also have your favorite cold drink then do not consume it by putting stones on your heart. It increases a lot of weight.

Those who do not like Holi’s colors, they get stressed on this occasion. Tell you that stress does not only increase obesity but also diabetes.

Stay alert with adulterated sweets

The lever leads to maximum damage from consuming adulterated foods. In the liver swelling comes.

Eating adulterated foods causes infections in the intestines, due to which the intestines swelling comes and it can be a hole in it.

Eating adulterated sweets increases the likelihood of having jaundice.

The use of synthetic milk increases the risk of getting cancer.

Consumption of adulterated sweets can lead to vomiting and diarrhea besides food poisoning.

Eating adulterated sweets, cheese and ghee in holi can cause headache, stomachache and skin diseases.

Eating adulterated sweets can cause swelling in the body.

Women can have trouble in menstruation.

There may be a shortage of blood due to eating more adulterated sweets.

Identify such adulterous dessert

In sweets, adulteration can be identified by its taste and color by checking or testing iodine. Generally people can not check iodine. But to avoid adulterated sweets, check it thoroughly. The taste and color of adulterated or fake dessert is different from the usual and some worse. Rubbing the adulterated khoa in the fingers, if it does not have smoothness then think it is a fake.