Spraying these places will be a whole day fragrance of perfume…

You will always be troubled by the fact that despite spraying perfume why its scent ends, despite the cost to buy expensive and good brand perfume, you are disappointed.

With the good aroma of perfume to others, you get absorbed in this thinking even more so that what you need to do is to keep your perfume fragrance in the long run. If you want to feel the fragrance of your perfume for a long time then it is important to note that in which part of the body you are spraying.

Select the body of the body where the fragrance will remain long

Everyone likes to be fresh all day long, like buying good perfumes of good brands and mixing them in a lotion, there are some ideas that promise to maintain fragrance for a long time. But this is the most important thing in the meantime where you do perfume apply. Yes, you read right. There are some organs of your body that better perfume the body and due to which your body fragrance all day.

Spray in inner part of the elbow

We spray perfume all over the wrist and think that this is a better place. But the right place in it is the inside part of the elbow. This place produces heat due to which your perfume can last longer.

Behind the ear

You can spray perfume in the behind upper part of the ear. Perfume also lasts for a long time at this place. Usually this place becomes oily, which helps maintain perfume for a long time.


Our belly button, or navel gets too much heat comes out, because of this it is the best spot to put perfume. The next time you use perfume, do not forget to put it in the belly button.

Behind the knee

The way you put perfume inside the elbow, you need to put perfume even in the behind knee area. This part also generates both heat and oil, so it is a good spot to maintain perfume for long periods of time.