Put buttermilk face mask, get glowing skin…


The secret of beautiful skin is hidden in buttermilk

By eating buttermilk made from milk, all kinds of diseases remain far away. There are countless benefits from a health perspective. It has also been found in all the research that the disease which once gets destroyed by drinking buttermilk, does not thrive again. Therefore, buttermilk present in every house has been considered as an inexpensive drug. These are things related to health, but you probably will not know that buttermilk is also very beneficial from the point of view of beauty. Use of face masks made from a mixture of different things in buttermilk will keep you away from many problems including dry skin, tanning, stains and spots. If you also want to look beautiful and young, then this Buttermilk mask is for you.

Masks for Dry Skin

If your skin is dry then it can be moisturized with Buttermilk. To get rid of this, add buttermilk and barley flour unitedly once a week and apply it on your skin well. Wash with lukewarm water when dry.

Masks to avoid sunburn

Make a face mask by mixing one spoon buttermilk and the same amount of tomato juice. Put this mixture on the face with cotton. After 30 minutes of applying, wash the face with clean water. This will save your skin from sunburn.

This mask bright the face

For this, make a paste in a blender with a cooked mango, mix one spoon buttermilk and honey well. Put this paste on the face. When it gets dry, clean it with water after 30 minutes. This face mask cleans the dirt from your face skin and makes it smooth and shiny.

Skin dirt removal mask

On the face dust and soil, the dirt gets accumulated on the face. Therefore, add spoons of almond oil and rose water some drops in 2 teaspoons buttermilk and apply it on your face with the help of cotton, and rub it with a light hand. Wash after half an hour.

Anti wrinkle mask

To make this mask, make a paste of baked avocado thoroughly and make a paste. Add one spoon buttermilk and one egg into it. Mix the three thoroughly and prepare the paste. Apply a mask on the face and when it is completely dry, wash the face with clean water.