Great benefits of pumice stone and uses..

Benefits of Pumice Stone

Do you know the amazing benefits of pumice stone?

You will be unaware of these surprising pumice stone benefits

Let us tell you wonderful benefits of pumice stone after that you will know why you should use pumice stone

Everyone, whether female or male, takes care of their skin. People also exercise a lot to keep the skin healthy and shiny. For this, people spend a lot of money in expensive cosmetic as well as parlors and spas. However, it is not possible to visit the parlor again and again to maintain the glow of the skin. By the way, if the skin remains clean, then the glow will also come on its own. Pumice stone can be used to make skin clean and shiny easily at home. In this article of My Health Only, know the benefits of pumice stone and the right way to use pumice stone.

First of all, know what is a pumice stone?

What is a pumice stone?

It is a kind of volcanic stone, It is believed to be formed when lava and water meet, It is mainly used to cleanse the skin. Actually, it can act like a Keratolytic Agent, which can help remove the thick layer of skin. Due to this specialty, this stone is used for scrubbing, cracked heels and many other skin related problems. It is available in the market in many different sizes.

The benefits of pumice stone for skin are many, which will be learned further in the article.

Health Benefits of Pumice Stone –

Below we will show that in which skin problems Pumice Stone can be used.

Marvelous Benefits of Pumice Stone, You must to know

1. Benefits of Pumice Stone for Cracked Heels

Heels can cracked due to change in weather or any kind of injury. Cracked heels not only act to spoil the beauty of the feet, but it can also cause pain in the feet and problems in walking. In this case, the use of pumice stone can be beneficial for cracked ankles. Actually, because of cracked heels the skin becomes thick. This thick skin is called Hyperkeratosis. Pumice stone can help remove the thick layer of skin. It can act like a keratolytic agent as we mentioned above. Which is helpful in removing thick skin.

Pumice stone can be used for home remedies of cracked heels in this way –

  • First, take as much water as you want to dip the ankles in a bucket.
  • Then add some shampoo or soap and make foam.
  • Now put your feet in it for a while.
  • After that, remove the feet and rub it lightly with a pumice stone.
  • It can be used once or twice a week.

2. Pumice Stone Benefits for Dead Skin Cells

Sometimes if the skin is not taken care of properly, then the skin starts to die. Excessive skin dryness, itching, or lifeless skin may be symptoms of dead skin. In this case, it is better to recognize these symptoms beforehand and take home remedies to remove dead skin. Pumice stone can be a beneficial home remedy in this case. It can help remove dead skin cells by acting like a scrub.

3. Benefits of Pumice Stone for Corns and Calluses

Use of pumice stone can also be beneficial for this. Actually, corns and callus are caused by pressure or rubbing the skin. Mostly it affects the skin of the feet. In this case, the use of pumice stone can help to reduce its size. To use it, first soften the affected part of the skin with salicylic acid ointment. After this, gently rub the affected area with the pumice stone. Keep in mind that use pumice stone carefully.

Pumice Stone

4. Pumice stone to remove unwanted body hair

Women resort to waxing to remove unwanted body hair. For which they also have to spend a lot of money. Also, a lot of pain has to be endured. In this situation pumice stone can be used as an easy home remedy. For this, soak your skin in water for a few minutes, then apply some soap and rub the pumice stone lightly in circular motion. Although there is no scientific evidence on how it can remove hair, it can be inferred that the pumice stone is rough, which can cause hair to grow out easily. Keep in mind that if you have skin irritation while using Pumice Stone, stop using it immediately and wash the skin.

5. Pumice stone for dark underarms

Underarm’s skin starts to turn black due to more razor, hair remover cream, waxing and perfume. In such a time, it is important to pay attention to it. Home remedy for dark underarms can be quite beneficial. These measures also include Pumice Stone. Actually, the use of pumice stone along with soap and water can be somewhat helpful in removing skin spots. However, exact scientific evidence is not available on how effective it will be to overcome this problem.

6. Use of Pumice Stone for Dry Skin

Dry skin problems occur due to change in weather or dead skin cells. In this situation it is sometimes necessary to exfoliate the skin. In such a situation, a pumice stone can be used as a scrub. It makes the skin soft. Keep in mind that after using Pumice Stone, apply moisturizer so that the dryness of the skin can be overcome. At the same time, if the skin is more dry then avoid using it.

Now know how to use Pumice Stone.

How to Use Pumice Stone –

For good results it is necessary to use pumice stone correctly. Below we are showing how to use Pumice Stone.

  • Before using a pumice stone, keep that part of your body immersed in water, where the pumice stone is to be used.
  • Soak not only the skin but also the pumice stone in lukewarm water. Never use dried pumice stone, otherwise the skin may peel.
  • When your skin gets soaked so dry it with towels.
  • After this, gently rub the soaked pumice stone in circular motion.
  • Never use a pumice stone with great force or else the skin may peel.
  • After using the pumice stone, wash the skin with water and dry it with towels and apply moisturizer.
  • After using the pumice stone, wash and dry it and keep it in a dry place.
  • Do not share your pumice stone with anyone else.

These were the benefits of pumice stone, if pumice stone is used properly, it can give relief to a great extent from the troubles mentioned in the skin. Keep in mind that it is very rough, so it is important to use pumice stone very carefully. Also, if someone has a serious skin problem, it is better to consult a dermatologist.