Problems of nightmare and their causes in men…



While sleeping the ejaculation of semen is called dream nightmare. Nightmare, there is a natural physiological response that comes after a dream. Due to this, the abundance of sperm cells that are constantly formed within a male is taken out of the body. Behind the state of nightmare, there may be many reasons for eating or drinking. Nightmare also happen to women, although the symptoms and causes of dreams are different in women. This is a common occurrence.

Nightmare in men

Nightmare is a natural act in men, under which a man gets ejaculation during sleep, During this time men also experience one self-energized sex. For some boys, nightmare can be their first semen.

Porn fantasies

The main causes of nightmare are pornography, watching porn movies and women reminiscent. Sensual thoughts of pleasure and luxury in mind or In the mind, there are reasons for the nightmare of lust. Although many times without thinking about sex there may be nightmare.

More intake of milk products

Due to the high amount of ghee-milk, nuts-dessert, or sometimes drinking excessive hot milk at night, there can be nightmare of men in sleep. Immediately after eating the meal it can also happen from sleeping.

Bad food-drink and constipation in the stomach

Constipation in the stomach and weakness of the vascular system weakness can also be the cause of this problem. In addition, the use of more pepper spices, tasteful and rich food and lust full of life are also responsible for this problem. Before sleeping, excessive food may also be the reason.

Distance from partner

Sometimes with a girlfriend or a wife for some reason for a long time, even after the distance, nightmare can start. If there is strong attraction between lovers, then gets nightmare. It can also be a reason for late marriage.

Due to mental pressure

Sometimes, due to sudden fear, the body becomes very loosely, due to which the control of the brain is reduced on the functioning of the body part, resulting in nightmare.

Cure for nightmare

To avoid the nightmare, eat Amla’s marmalade daily and drink carrot juice on top of it. Or, grind the basil root root and drink it with water. If the root is not found, then its take 2 spoons of seeds in the evening. Chewing neem leaves daily gets absorbed by the problem of nightmare.

Do not see pornography or movies while sleeping

Before sleeping, reading pornography or watching a porn movie, in the night, they wander in the view of the people. Who make your sex emotions out of control. So if you are experiencing a nightmare problem then try to avoid this kind of content.

Regular Meditation and Yoga

Yoga and meditation daily have the power of desire, and your mind is also calm. So do yoga a little while everyday and sit in meditation. You can also get help with a yoga expert.

Get help from a doctor

If the nightmare has been going on for a long time, and you are feeling very weak, then it is time to meet your own doctor. It is possible that you are having this problem due to a mental disorders of the body. So meet a sexologist and talk about your problem.