No weakness, these are 5 deadly reasons for hand tremors…

If you are considering the title, that it is not the case of the elderly that it is about the hand-feet tremors due to weakness. We are talking about hand-feet tremors due to numbness in the body due to weakness, leanness, fatigue and excessive running. We see many people around us who have hand tremors problem. Often people think that their hand tremors due to weakness. But this is not necessary because there may be several reasons for hand tremors. Today we are telling you some reason to hand tremble.

Sugar is also the reason for hand tremors

Symptoms of hand tremors in the sugar patients are also seen. Because when the body starts to reduce the sugar in the body, the stress increases. Because of which hand tremors. If your hands shiver and you do not have sugar, then do your sugar test once. Your may be shaky hands due to sugar.

Causes of blood pressure

Hands and feet tremors due to blood pressure is a very common symptom. Increasing or decreasing BP increases blood circulation in the body. Because of which the hand tremors. Apart from this, due to the decrease of the blood sugar level of the body, stress increases, due to which the hand trembling problems begin. If this is happening with you for some time now, then check out your blood pressure with a good doctor.

Anemia, can also be caused to

Those people who have a lack of blood in their body are anemia. Hand trembling in this disease is very common symptom. Anemia patients become weak, due to which the hands shiver. If you are afraid. That you do not get into a serious disease, so first get your blood level test today.


In most deaths in the world, the stroke is responsible for the third number. Stroke can occur in any part of the body. Although usually stroke patients have difficulty in walking, lack of balance, difficulty in speaking, excessive pain in the head, paralysis in a part of the body, blurry vision and hand tremors are key symptoms. So do not take this disease lightly. Hand trembling can obviously be a stroke invitation too.

Cortisol hormone

Due to the increase of the cortisol hormone in the body, the level of stress increases. At the same time, irritability in the person, forgetting things and vibrating in the hands starts to grow. Due to which the blood circulation worsens and the hands start shivering.