Mucormycosis: Black Fungus Infection

Mucormycosis: Black Fungus Infection

How dangerous is mucormycosis (black fungus infection), how to protect

Cases of black fungus, a rare infection, have been coming up in hospitals from Delhi to Gujarat to Ahmedabad and Mumbai in the past few days.

If a person who is infected with fungus if does not get treatment for two days, they can also die along with blindness.

The first case of black fungus infection, ie mucormycosis disease, has been reported in Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Along with this, black fungus patients have started reaching many hospitals like Max, Apollo, and Fortis in Delhi, many of which have also died.

How dangerous is this mucormycosis fungus

This fungus has emerged as a great danger for people infected and cured by the Coronavirus, which has created fear among the people.

Senior ENT specialist Dr. Manish Munjal, associated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, believes that this is a serious disease, but there is no need to fear it.

He says, “Black fungus or mucormycosis is not a new disease. It not only damages the nose, ears, and throat but also other parts of the body. But for the past few days, this disease is taking a big form, because this disease is due to a weak immune system.

Earlier we used to see this disease in chemotherapy, uncontrolled diabetes, transplant patients, and elderly people. But after covid, this disease is also seen in patients taking comorbidity and excess steroids.

How black fungus infection attacks the body

Dr. Munjal explains this disease does not spread by direct contact. But this fungus lives in the air. This is what you see in the form of mildew on the bread and on the trunk of the tree. This fungus goes through your nose into the mucus and goes into the skin of your nose. After this, this disease spreads very fast and worsens everything, and goes to the brain. The death rate in this is 50 percent.

Despite this, Dr. Munjal and other doctors believe that there is no need to fear this disease.

Dr. Sameer Bhati, director of Star Imaging Lab, says, “We need to understand that this is not a new disease. This disease was already present among us. It is also necessary to know that this threatens people with uncontrolled diabetes. Along with this, patients with transplants and admitted to ICU are also at risk because their immunity is already low.

Mucormycosis: Black Fungus Infection
Mucormycosis: Black Fungus Infection

(Mucormycosis) Black Fungus COVID-19 Connection

Many people who have been infected with this fungus have also come to fight the battle of Corona.

Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva, an ENT specialist at Max Hospital in Delhi, explains, “Most of the black fungus patients we have are already diabetic patients, some are taking steroids, but most are recovering from COVID. Coming later Three patients have come to us with COVID infected, two of whom have died.

Most of the patients who are coming to us say that they are not seeing with the eye, someone says that the eyes are looking blurred. The fungus causes swelling of the eye, which reduces eye light within a day or two. Most patients have lost their eyesight. “

With this, Dr. Sachdeva says that those who have recovered from COVID, take steroids, and are diabetic, should seek medical help if they have a headache.

How can the infection be cured?

For the treatment of this disease, people may have to stay in the hospital for many days.

Explaining the process of treating black fungus, Dr. Manish Munjal says, “When patients come to us, we first make sure that it is a black fungus.” Very strong anti-fungal medicines have to be given after ensuring this. Because it is very dangerous for people who have it. “

“If it is cured with medicine it is right, otherwise we have to cut every part that has been damaged by fungus. Because that part becomes like gangrene, behind which the fungus is hidden and starts reaching other parts of the body. Its treatment is very expensive and for this, one has to stay in the hospital for a long time. And many people have lost their lives because of this. In such a situation, this disease is quite dangerous. “

How is disease prevention possible?

Dr. Bhati explains that people do not need to panic from this disease like COVID because the treatment of this disease is already there.

But the question arises that what should you do if you are a patient of this disease.

Giving protection tips, Dr. Munjal says, “The sooner people come to know, the sooner they should take steps. Those who have taken steroids etc. should recognize their symptoms.

Some types of symptoms can occur after the fungus goes into the nose –

  • Dryness on the inner walls of the nose
  • Black and brown scabs inside the nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Upper lips and cheeks begin to numb
  • Swelling of the eyes
  • Reddening of eyes

In case of any of these symptoms, people should consult their doctor.