Symptoms of jaundice…


Jaundice is also one of the five most common diseases in the summer season. People are forced to drink of contaminated outside water to avoid the hot heat that occurs during this season.

So let’s know the symptoms of jaundice

Jaundice is usually caused by hepatitis A virus which spreads through contaminated or infected food. Some other diseases, which have an effect on the liver, in it also, there is a possibility of jaundice. The sooner the jaundice is detected, the treatment becomes as soon as possible. Therefore, it is important that you recognize the symptoms of jaundice.

To the patient stay fever
Do not get hungry
Oily food distasteful
Occasional vomiting and nausea
Pain in the right side of the head
Yellowishness of eye and nail
Pee coming yellow
Excessive weakness and tiredness

These are all symptoms of jaundice, By know symptoms of jaundice you will be able to treat it as soon as possible.