How to save hair spoiling from Holi colors? Learn these 5 tips…

On the day of Holi, color only colors appear around. It brings great passion and excitement among people. It is a festival that brings happiness together. Due to the between of so many colors around you, we need to protect our hair from spoiling. The colors used on Holi are filled with chemicals and also spoil the skin along with hair. This causes hair loss, hair drying, and the problem of dandruff. There are some methods that can save hair from exposure to chemical-based colors. Some home remedies can actually save your hair from being extremely lifeless and dry.

Scalp massage save hair spoiling from Holi colors

Before you play with the colors of Holi, make sure you massage your hair properly. Use some coconut oil to massage your hair and scalp well and add castor oil to it. Oil will save your hair from chemical It creates an outer layer to protect hair from harm. This will also help you remove the color later on. Apart from this, it will also save your hair and scalp from drying.

Mix lemon juice in oil and put on

If you have a dandruff in your hair, make sure you mix some lemons drop of in the oil. This will help protect hair from damage due to chemical-based colors. Lemon is an antioxidant in nature that helps to protect the hair from the toxins that come out of the color.

Coconut milk save hair spoiling from Holi colors

Coconut milk can be another great way to protect against color. It also helps to remove color easily. Put coconut milk in your hair before playing. Also, apply it before shampoo and leave it for one hour and then clean it with shampoo.

Keep the hair tied

Tie your hair properly by making a braid. This will save hair from exposure to color directly. However, you can also cover your hair using shower cap or bandana.

What not to do

Try not to shampoo your hair even before Holi and Holi. Chemical in color will make your hair dry. Hair naturally gets oil which prevents hair from getting damaged.