Do not try to treat these 5 types of pain at home…

Treatment of pain which is not at home

Generally, we treat it by taking pen-killers on our own when there is some kind of pain, while some more tolerant people wait for it to reduce itself, or use domestic remedies for its treatment, but if If you do this then be careful, because it is not possible to treat all kinds of pain at home, it can be dangerous for you, in this slideshow about those types of pain Learn what should never be treated by itself

Rheumatoid arthritis pain

Pain associated with fever, fatigue, the red joints which become worse when exercising, there is an indication of rheumatoid arthritis. It is a chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder, which can cause problems and joints pain. Due to this, the activity of the affected organ can be closed later.

Inverted hand pain

Inverted hand pain, which occurs in the chest and upper back feeling tightness and inconvenience, may be angina, this symptom is coronary artery disease, in which the blood flow to the heart decreases.

Arterial insufficiency

Pain in the hands and feet of the muscles (Usually in the muscular muscles) with cramps and yellowing, due to the decrease in the temperature of the skin and drop in pulse, the supply of blood to the arterial insufficiency and related organs, is a symptom of blockage.

Acute and chronic back pain

Numbness of the organs, acute and chronic back pain with tingling or weakness, bladder towards nerve compression with it, emergency medical help may be needed in damage to bowel control points.

Persistent pain

Deep, severe, and prolonged pain anywhere in the body, which worsens in the night, and anemia, untimely fracture, with frequent infections happens with fatigue, due to a type of bone cancer It is possible.