COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots

Corona Vaccine: A booster dose of the corona is necessary, know these 5 things before applying

Covid Vaccine Booster Shots: To avoid the third wave of the corona, people are being given booster shots. This dose is being given to people who have taken both doses of the vaccine. However, at present, only people above 60 years of age, health care, and frontline workers are being given booster shots. For those who are taking booster doses, it is important to take care of many other things as well. To get a booster dose, there must be a gap of 9 months between the second dose of your vaccine and the booster. That is those people who have got the second dose before April 2020, now only those people can get the booster dose. However, the Union Home Ministry has said that for this you will not need a new registration. You can also get the vaccine directly by going to the center. If you are also going to take a booster dose of corona vaccine, then know these things.

1- Why is booster dose necessary? (Importance of booster dose)- Research has revealed that booster dose increases the level of antibodies. After this, the immunity becomes stronger than before. Although this does not mean that you are not at risk of the corona, the risk of the new variant Omicron can be reduced significantly by this.

2- Who can get the booster shot? (Who will get booster dose) – At present, booster doses are being applied to health workers or frontline workers. People who have taken both doses of the Covid vaccine. Apart from this, booster doses are also being administered to sick elderly people above 60 years of age. The family members of the frontline worker will not be included in the booster dose.

3- Which vaccine will be given a booster shot (Type of vaccine and booster dose) – You will be given a booster shot of the same vaccine that you have taken before. If you have applied both doses of Covishield, then you will get a booster shot of Coveshield.

4- Duration of booster dose after how many days after the second dose – It is necessary to have a gap of 39 weeks i.e. 9 months between your second dose and the booster. That is, if you have given the second dose in April, then only you can get a booster dose.

5- Which diseases patients will get booster doses? (Comorbidities)- If you are suffering from any serious disease then you can get a booster shot. Patients suffering from diseases like cardiovascular disease, stem cell transplant recipient, cancer, sickle cell disease, diabetes, kidney disease may get a booster shot.

Booster Shots Of Covid-19: Vaccine is most important to avoid corona. Those above 60 years of age who have got the vaccine are also being given a booster shot.