Best 50+ Yoga Quotes

Best Inspirational Yoga Quotes

It is said that there is no greater capital than a healthy body. If the body is healthy, then the risk of getting vulnerable to diseases is also less. Yoga plays the most important role in it. If done properly, all Yogasanas help in staying healthy and strong. If you like to do yoga and you want your friends and acquaintances to adopt it, then you can share quotes on yoga on your social media handles. In this article, we have brought you the best collection of yoga quotes and yoga status, so that you can tell everyone about your passion and also motivate them to do yoga.


Let’s start with yoga quotes

50+ Best Yoga Quotes | Yoga Status

It is said that yoga has exactly the same relationship with our brain and body as human beings with this nature. This is the reason that those who make yoga a part of life realize different happiness along with agility throughout the day. Along with some of the status and quotes that describe these and the benefits of yoga, in this article, further quotes of famous celebrities on yoga are also present.

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We have brought for you the first collection of yoga quotes.

Yoga Quotes –

Yoga means to combine or unite. There are many types of yoga, some of which we include in our exercise routine in the form of yoga. Yoga calms our minds and removes stress. The best quotes reflecting the importance of yoga are given further in the article.

Yoga is the best way to know yourself.

Yoga can bring stability in life.

If you want to understand yourself, then take the help of yoga.

You can reap peace of mind by sowing the seeds of meditation through yoga.

Change your body, brain, and life today with yoga.

Yoga is a practice to keep this fickle mind calm.

Do yoga, be healthy.

Yoga is not a religion and there is no science in the world more than this.

Yoga is the biggest teacher of life and body.

Yoga brings stability in the ups and downs of the mind.

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A healthy life is the capital of this life,
The key to life is to remain disease-free through yoga.

That philosophy of life is yoga,
One who connects a human being with his soul.

If you do not want any disease in life,
So it is prudent to do regular yoga.

Doing yoga brings emotion in words,
The desire to live life increases.

If diseases are to be removed,
So we have to connect with yoga.

Life will look very easy,
If you will recognize the power of yoga.

If you want to live a life free from diseases,
So get into the habit of doing regular yoga.

As air is necessary for breathing,
Similarly, yoga is necessary for this body.

Yoga sheds light on our shortcomings
Yoga finds new ways to overcome them.

There are three scales to measure success,
Wealth, fame and peace of mind,
Everyone gains wealth and fame,
But this mind gets peace only through yoga.

The light of yoga never extinguishes once it burns,
With your constant practice, its flame brightens.

Yoga is the cure for every disease
A healthy lifestyle means yoga.

Karma Yoga may be a big mystery,
But, it has the power to remove all sorrows.

Best Inspirational Yoga Quotes
Yoga Quotes

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Yoga is not just an exercise, but also a way to start looking for oneself.

You cannot control outside circumstances, but yoga can control the inner self.

To do yoga you only need two things and that is your body and mind.

Yoga is like that sweet music, which has no end.

Yoga is beneficial for staying healthy,
Yoga is beneficial for living a disease-free life.

Revolution is the yoga to live a healthy life,
Happiness and peace in life come from regular yoga.

Changing oneself will change a life,
Yoga will bring the dawn of happy life.

Don’t waste time thinking about what you get from yoga,
Learn what you can get from yoga.

If the body and mind are unhealthy, how will you achieve the goal,
If you do yoga, both body and mind will be healthy.

There is only one slogan of yoga,
We will have a bright future to come.

Yoga is comprised of 99 percent practice and 1 percent theory.

Every person practicing regularly can achieve success in yoga,
Continuous practice is the secret to a healthy life and success.

Our body is like a temple,
Yoga keeps it pure and clean.

This mind is like a tool, become a master through yoga and not a slave.

Even after working for thousands of hours, the energy we cannot gain,
We can achieve that by doing yoga for a while.

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Now we have brought the quotes of famous personalities on Yoga.

Famous Personalities Quotes on Yoga –

Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago. At present, it is very popular not only in India but also in other countries. Every year 21 June is celebrated as Yoga Day. Many celebrities and famous personalities are often seen doing yoga, from the common man. So in the next part of the article, we have brought quotes on the yoga of some such famous personalities.

“There is no greater opulence than yoga, no success, and no achievement.” – Yoga Guru Ramdev

“Achieving new equilibrium and potential in every sphere of life is the yoga.” – Sadhguru

“Yoga is the end of the illusions of the mind is a very big reason.” – Narendra Modi

“The principle is useless without practice; only after practice is the principle revealed.” – David Williamson

“Performing any activity in an artistic way is yoga.” – Swami Kripalu

“Meditation brings knowledge and lack of attention brings ignorance. Therefore, know what will lead you forward and what will hold you back and choose the path that leads to wisdom. ” – Buddha

“Through practice comes Yoga, through Yoga comes knowledge, through knowledge love, and through love bliss. ” – Swami Vivekananda

“Actually, the highest secret is Karma Yoga.” – Bhagavad Gita

“Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements. Once you understand the grammar of yoga; you can write your poetry of movements.” – Amit Ray

“Keep practicing your yoga and everything else will come on its own.” – K. Pattabhi Joyce

“For those injured by civilization, the greatest ointment is yoga.” – T Guillemets

In this run-of-the-mill life, because of getting entangled in himself and other things, taking care of his health is just as forgotten. In such a situation, making yoga a part of your life, you can take the initiative to keep yourself healthy. If you do yoga yourself, then with the help of quotes on this yoga, inspire other people to do yoga to stay away from diseases. These yoga quotes and yoga status can give a good start in one’s life.