Being fail then how to avoid behaving that affect yourself…

Dreaming and fulfilling it is the most important man’s needs, all dream and try to fulfill it. Doing so fulfilling your dreams and desires many succeed and many fail.

That is not necessarily a success in every step, failure is also the most important part of life. But it is not right to take such a wrong step and to hurt yourself as you feel responsible for failure.

In many movies, you may have seen that when the failure occurs, the hero himself is hurt, because he considers himself responsible for it. Increasing numbers of suicides may also be an example. Many people then injure their organs when they fail.

But it is better to hurt yourself that you try to understand the circumstances, failing does not mean that you can not succeed later, failure is not the end of anyone but trying and getting it is life.

What does the research say

After failing, a research published in Huffington Post behind the reasons behind injuring himself. In this research, it was tried to know that there are many reasons why people cause harm to themselves due to failure. It was revealed that people are not ready to face him after failing, they feel that this is the worst stop in his life and nothing can be terrible. In such a way they hurt themselves.

Accept it

Being a failure does not mean that you are the only person in this world who has failed, many people like you are also in the same list. Try to understand this thing. The main reason for failure is due to your mistakes, do not hide your mistakes, but accept it and try to solve it.

Try again

Failure does not mean that you can not get it again, And not even that you can not try for it. Accept your mistakes and try again after knowing the reasons for the failure. Improve your mistakes, then see how you do not get success in the future. By hurting yourself it will only be pain.

Repair mistakes

Failure means that efforts have not been made to success and there has been some kind of error in your preparation. That is, you fail only when you do not try with full mind and your strength. Try to improve your mistakes the next time you try so try to get success with complete preparation again.

After the failure of the students, the tendency to hurt themselves is most seen. In the case of getting less number of exams and failure, they attempt suicide. In such a situation, the need to console them is the highest.