Why should not cut nail in the night? Know the reason…

Should not cut nails at night

This tradition has come from old times. In the olden days there was no electricity and no nail cutter was there. For this reason people used to cut nails with blades, scissors or knives. In such a situation, due to lack of electricity, these things were said to not cut the nails at night due to fear of injury. Apart from this, it is also believed that by cutting nails at night, Lakshmi ji becomes angry and there is loss of money.

On thursday do not shaving

Usually on Thursday people do not shaving. Even on thursday even the hair would not be cut, On Thursday, the tradition of hair cutting is so unbreakable and old that the parlor is also closed on this day. In fact, on Thursday, Jupiter is the day of the Guru of the Gods, which are the factors of fate. It is believed that those who shave on this day or cut hair, their fortune gets spoiled.

Tulsi in the evening do not touch

In the Hindu tradition, it is believed to burn a lamp near Tulsi in the evening but it is not recognized for touching and burning water on it. Laxmi ji is pleased at home by burning the lamp near Tulsi every evening. At the same time, Laxmi ji becomes angry after touching the Tulsi tree in the evening. Because basil sleeps in the evening and with your touch, it wakes up. Well, this belief applies to every tree and plant.

Should not even broom in the evening

This belief has also been coming from old times. If there was no electricity at first, then it was believed that money can go out of the house after brooming. So it was forbidden to broom in the evening and at night. Anyway, there is a time to worship in the evening, so even in the evening it is forbidden to broom. If a broom is necessary, clean the house before the evening.

By sleeping in the evening obesity grows

Sleeping in the evening is not considered as good from health terms and for money, People who regularly sleep in the evening, they are victims of obesity and poverty. By sleeping in the evening laziness grows and you are physically less active, thereby causing obesity and other diseases.