What is Yam ?


Let’s know What is Yam and Nutrition of Yam

The benefits of yam are known to overcome many types of health problems. which is a member of dioscorea family. Yam is considered to be a diet with medicinal properties that has about 200 species. It helps prevent respiratory problems, skin diseases, digestive diseases and cancer. The use of yam also protects the female endocrine system. In addition, it improves cognitive abilities and promotes metabolism. Yam is considered very useful for us due to providing such special health benefits. Let’s know what is yam.

What is Yam ?

Yam is a tuber vegetables which is like sweet potato in taste. The pulp inside the yam is orange or white which is related to grass and lily. It is a perennial vegetable that is used in many ways. It can be eaten fried, boiled or roasted. Yam tubers can grow up to 4.9 feet and which can weigh up to 70 kg. The thickness of this tuber is 3-6 inches. The skin of the yam tuber is hard and thick, which usually becomes soft after cooking. The color of this tuber can be pink, purple, yellow or white from inside.

Purple yam Plant

Yam tubers growing below the ground are cone, globe, cylindrical or flat. Its leaves are in alternating form which are flat and 4–15 cm long in purple, red or green stalks. Its leaves are oval, in length 6–15 cm and width 4–12 cm.

Nutrition of Yam

This medicinal tuber yam, which provides health benefits, contains good amount of nutrients. If consumed regularly, it can prove to be very beneficial for you. Yam contains vitamin C, dietary fiber, thiamine, vitamin B6, manganese and potassium. Yam has a very low glycemic index and it provides 118 calories per 100 grams. It contains 54% glucose as compared to other potato products. In addition, yam contains small amounts of tryptophan, methionine, amino acids, cysteine ​​and sulfur.

Let us know what health benefits Yam gives us in the availability of these nutrients.