What are the risk factors of leukemia…

Leukemia is a type of blood cancer. After leukemia, anti-cancer cells start creating obstruction in the formation of blood. The effect of leukemia also occurs on the bone marrow as well as blood. Because of leukemia, the patient is prone to lack of blood, due to which due to dizziness, weakness, pain in bones, fatigue, vomiting, symptoms begin. The main causes of leukemia are still unknown, but there are some risk factors for spreading leukemia. The risk factor is that which is the major cause of the disease in any patient.

Risk factors of leukemia

On treatment of leukemia

Cancer patients who have already undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer, are more likely to have leukemia than normal people. This happens because often cancer cells do not end in the treatment, which may be a risk factor for the increase in leukemia for the patient.

Genetic disease

Leukemia can also be congenital. Congenital bodily abnormalities also play an important role in increase leukemia. Some genetic diseases such as Down Syndrome can be the cause of increase leukemia.

Some blood disorders

People who have some blood related problems are at risk of developing leukemia. Leukemia can be at risk. For people with blood disorders such as myelodysplastic syndrome.

Come in contact with radiation

Those who are exposed to high levels of radiation are at risk of developing leukemia. People who have been victims of an accident in a nuclear reactor and have survived. Compared to people who are exposed to radiation from normal or factories, they are more prone to leukemia.

Staying in touch with chemicals –

Leukemia is threatened by exposure to chemicals used in pesticides and perfumes. There is a risk of leukemia to people who work in chemical factories.

Smoking –

Smoking causes great harm to the body. Nicotine found in cigarettes and tobacco eliminates the healthy cells of the body. Due to which the smokers are at increased risk of leukemia. Smoking, myelogenous  (type of leukemia) increases the risk factors of leukemia.

On having someone in the family

If any member of the house has been diagnosed with leukemia, then the family and members are at risk factors of leukemia.

However, there are many such patients due to these main risk factors of leukemia. Who do not have leukemia. Apart from this, some patients also get leukemia, for which all these causes are not liable. Those who are suspected to be leukemia should consult with a skilled physician for its treatment.