Week 1-2: Getting Started

Day 1-2: Warm-up Swim

Start with a 10-minute easy swim, focusing on getting your body accustomed to the water.

Day 3-4: Interval Training

Swim 50 meters at a brisk pace, followed by 30 seconds rest. Repeat for 10 sets.

Day 5-6: Endurance Swim

Swim continuously for 20 minutes at a moderate pace, focusing on maintaining a steady rhythm.

Week 3-4: Building Intensity

Day 7-8: High-Intensity Intervals

Swim 100 meters at maximum effort, followed by 1 minute rest. Repeat for 8 sets.

Day 9-10: Technique Focus

Work on your swimming technique. Pay attention to your strokes, breathing, and form. Swim for 15 minutes, focusing on proper technique.

Day 11-12: Pyramid Swim

Swim 50 meters, rest 20 seconds; swim 100 meters, rest 30 seconds; swim 150 meters, rest 40 seconds; then work your way back down.

Week 5-6: Increasing Endurance

Day 13-14: Long Swim

Swim continuously for 30 minutes at a comfortable pace, focusing on building endurance.

Day 15-16: Endurance and Speed

Swim 200 meters at a moderate pace, followed by a 50-meter sprint. Repeat for 6 sets.

Day 17-18: Technique Refinement

Fine-tune your swimming technique. Work on smooth, efficient strokes. Swim for 20 minutes, emphasizing form.

Week 7-8: Final Push

Day 19-20: Interval Challenge

Swim 25 meters at maximum effort, followed by 15 seconds rest. Repeat for 15 sets.

Day 21-22: Sprint Intervals

Swim 50 meters at maximum effort, followed by 45 seconds rest. Repeat for 10 sets.

Day 23-24: Distance Challenge

Swim continuously for 45 minutes at a steady pace, challenging your endurance.

Week 9-10: Tapering

Day 25-26: Active Recovery

Swim at a relaxed pace for 20 minutes, focusing on recovery.

Day 27-28: Final Preparation

Swim for 15 minutes, incorporating a mix of techniques, speed, and endurance.