Health benefits of parsley include controlling cancer, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. Along with this, it is also helpful in preventing osteoporosis.

Parsley was traditionally used in Turkey as a medicine for diabetes. To validate this claim scientifically, research was done at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey. Research showed evidence that mice affected by diabetes were given parsley, and indeed a decrease in their blood sugar levels was observed over a period of one month. Research indicates that it can be used for diabetes control.

Myricetin, Oregano and a flavonoid found in other plants, has been shown to help prevent skin cancer. Parsley and other green herbs and vegetables containing high amounts of chlorophyll have been found to be effective in blocking the carcinogenic effect of heterocyclic amines, which are produced when grilling foods at high temperatures.

Low intake of vitamin K is associated with a higher risk of bone fracture. Consuming sufficient vitamin K (which parsley provides in just ten sprigs) improves bone health, acts as a modifier of bone matrix proteins and improves calcium absorption and reduces urinary excretion of calcium.

Parsley — especially flavonoids in luteolin — has been shown to act as an antioxidant that combines with highly reactive oxygen-rich molecules (called oxygen radicals) and helps prevent oxygen-based damage to cells.

One study suggests that high doses of supplemental vitamin C give rise to chronic osteoarthritis, a type of degenerative arthritis that occurs with aging. The second indicates that vitamin C-rich foods, such as parsley, provide protection to humans against injection polyarthritis, a form of arthritis that involves two or more joints. Those who consumed the lowest amount of vitamin C-rich foods were three times more likely to develop arthritis than those who consumed the highest amounts.

The activity of parsley volatile oils qualifies it as a “chemoprotective” food, and in particular, a food that is a particular type of carcinogen (such as benzopyrenes that is a part of cigarette smoke and part of a charcoal grill smoke Happens) can help reduce it.