Ways to overcome alcoholism addictions…


Ways to get rid of alcoholism addictions

Alcohol abuse is also known as alcoholism addictions. Leaving alcohol addiction suddenly is a difficult task. You should slow down on this addiction. Alcoholism addictions is not a disease that can be cured. There are many ways to deal with this, but the person who drops alcohol first must be firm determination.


Alcohol causes swelling, stomach and nervous system related diseases in the liver. In Ayurveda, medicine is given to remove these diseases and alternatives of alcohol are given in which the quantity of alcohol is very low. Aloe vera is beneficial for the liver, while Ashwagandha reinforces the nervous system and brain. Apart from this, jatamansi is also given.


If the homeopathy medicine is taken from the rule, then the victims of alcohol addiction can get relief. These medicines not only cure diseases caused by alcohol, but also benefit from psychological perspectives. Some special medicines are being given here, but before starting any medication, consult your doctor first.

Posture, meditation and yoga practice

The self-confidence of the drinkers starts weakening. Their concentration also gets weakened. Also, the poison of alcohol is spread throughout the body. Disorders are removed from their body through posture, meditation and yoga practice. Elimination of these disorders can provide relief to victims of alcoholism.

Knowledge posture

Knowledge posture enhances self-confidence and it purifies the mind. To knowledge posture, place the thumb of the right hand on the tip of the index finger and place the left palm over the chest. The breath will be normal. Even sitting in Sukhasana or Padmasana can be done by this action. Taking this action for 45 consecutive minutes gives a lot of benefit. This action can also be done on the go.


By meditating, the bad elements get out of the body. Is done to bring concentration. It is practiced to see the light of the light continuously without blinking in it. At the time of doing practice, At one time it happens when the person only sees the point.

Kunjal kriya

Mixing salt lukewarm water is drunk. Later it is vomited. With this the purification of the upper part of the stomach becomes purified.
Get help from counselors, family and friends
To get rid of any addiction, get help from the counselor, family and friends, because of their encouragement, your encouragement will increase. Read morale boosting books, go to the health center, meet the counselors. Ensure your active involvement in alcohol prohibition programs. These programs can be in any institution, hospital or individually.
Responsibility of society and law
To relieve alcohol addiction, this work should start from home. On the day when it comes to know that a woman or a man drinks alcohol, his protest should start from that day. Later, these drunken people begin to carry out domestic violence. In such cases, the police can also be informed or taken in the counseling center.
Consult a doctor
If you have thought that you want to quit alcohol, then first talk to your doctor, because abruptly leaving alcohol can be fatal for you. Remember, the doctor is a good friend for you who will treat you well. Adjust your attitude, so that alcohol can be easy to quit.
Decide date to leave alcoholism addictions
Try to quit alcohol at some important date. it is challenging. But it would be fair. If you drink a lot then try to drink less at first. Pick a date that is very special for you, like your birthday.