Water pouch is too harmful for health…


Disadvantage of water pouch

On the day of summer, the demand for water containing pouch increases. If you also drink water pouch to quench the thirst, So be careful. Yes, do you know, the water pouch found in bus stand or other public places can spoil your health. Therefore, take the water intently just by thinking it out. Because pouches are being freely sold in a non-standard way. And yet, neither is the date of their making of the date, nor the expiry date, most of the water pouches found in the city are also sold without a hallmark. In the second case, the doctor says that avoid drinking the pouch water, because it directly affects the health. Let’s learn through this slideshow how and how much ‘water pouch’ can be harmful for health.

Lack of purity in water pouch

The purity of water is not assessed before preparing water sachets. Where bleaching powder and alum should be used according to quantity and according to the rules, before preparing pouches, high quality alum should be inserted should be put in the quantity set in water. Standard level alum for 24 hours, After living in water, water should be purified by filter machine. After this packaging is done. But such a criterion is not adopted in making pouch water.

Deterioration of water quality

During the summer, sellers of paan and cold drinks sellers sell water pouch in the busy areas, including the bus stand. In such a situation they stockes a lot of water. Many shopkeepers fill the sacks of pouches stock them. But do you know that keeping them pouches in these sacks for a long time can damage the water.

Harmful to health

A factory produces pouch by bringing about ten thousand liters of water daily. But the question arises that where so much water is getting them from day to day. Sources say that water from nearby ponds is being used in factories. Which is harmful to our health. Even the use of water pouches found in many places in the city is also complaining of getting light smelling water.

Danger of infectious diseases

Manufacturing date is not put in pouch. Do not know when this water pouch would have happened packed and if the customer drinks it. Then surely it will become a victim of infectious diseases like jaundice, cholera. In the name of mineral water water pouches, people are being messed with health.

Not to drinking water but to cooking food

Action can be taken against the businessman if there is not written drinking water on water pouch and ISI mark is not available. Therefore, instead of writing ‘drinking water’ on the pouch, water traders sell ‘for cooking purpose’ I.e sell water by writing for use in cooking. By writing about the use of cooking water instead of drinking water, the company itself does not tell the water to be able to drink.

Mixing of polythene particles in water

The polyethylene that is being made to fill the water, which is also less thin than the standard level, its particles dissolve in water and the use of polythene is harmful for health, we probably do not have to tell you.

Caution before purchasing water

If you have to buy pouch water then definitely check the ISI mark on the water pouch. Also see that the pouch should be filtered out of Ro and pay attention to the construction date on pouch. Also, see when it will expire in pouch water, it should be written. More days old water do not be in pouch, take care of this.