Warts means…


So let’s know what Warts means?

Wart are non-cancerous, In the form of harmless skin growth, Due to a virus called HPV. This virus enters the body in such a place where the skin is torn down and it increases the outer layer of the skin, and it affects the outer layer of the skin.

Let’s know what warts means and symptoms of wart

In most cases, the wart ends automatically after a period of months or years. These can occur on the surface somewhere in the body but are usually found on hands, feet and face. Though the wart is harmless but they do quite bothered and cause embarrassment due to their special location.

Symptoms of wart

Wart can be of different sizes and colors. This rough surface can be swirl flat and soft. Its color can also be of skin color or maybe brown, pink or white too.

Usually there is no pain in the wart, but if it is in a part where there is pressure often or that part is in the movement, such as the tip of the finger or the feet soles, it can also be painful.

In the case of their cut or extract there may be a state of itching and bleeding.

Blood and nutrients are supplied by blood vessels in the wart, which are look like black points.

Other types of wart

1. Common warts :

The embossed warts, whose texture is rough, often found on the hands but they can be anywhere in the body.

2. Flat warts :

These are smaller and soft than other warts. Their ends are flat and they are usually found on the face, arms and legs.

3. Filiform warts :

After grow up they look like threads and are found on most such faces.

4. Plantar warts :

Usually found in soles of the feet and when they are formed in clusters, So are known as Mosaic Warts. These are tight and thick patch which contain small black points which are actually blood vessels. During movements such as walking and running, there is a pain in the wart.

5. Periungual warts :

They are formed around the fingers and under thumb nails. Their surface is rough and can affect nails enhancement.

6. Genital warts :

These are the most popular forms of saxally-transmitted disease-STD. They are formed on the reproductive parts of the body such as vaginal, penis, anus and testicles (Scrotum). They can grow in either emerged or flat, single or clusters and spread through skin contact during the sexual intercourses.

Due to wart

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) are caused by the virus that spreads through very infectious and direct contact. You can get infected by touching your warts and then touching the other part of your body. By using the splitting of the towel or the other things used in personal use, it can reach from one infected person to another. Each person responds to HPV according to the strength of its immune system. Some people have higher chances of warts while others are immune to this virus. Genital warts are very contagious.

Risk factors

For any reason, the weak immune system can increase the risk of a warts for you. Any medicines that affect your immune system, for example, to help the body accept donor organ, medicines given after transplantation. From person, direct or indirect contact, Such as contact thru public toilets or door knobs can also put you at risk. By cutting or cracking on the surface of the skin, it can spread from one part of the body to another. Genital warts spread through sexual contact.