Benefits Of Vigorous Exercise

Vigorous exercise has many benefits

Vigorous exercise can prolong life: Study

If you have been thinking of joining the gym for a long time and every morning think that if not today, then tomorrow, then leave the laziness. A study has shown that vigorous exercise can increase your lifespan. Even if you exercise for a while, do it with full enthusiasm and vigor. This will eliminate the risk of early death.

Exercising vigorously has numerous benefits

Research has shown that the exercise that makes you gasp and sweat, removes the risk of early death. In this study done in Australia, it is clear that tiring exercise is more beneficial than light exercise.

Researchers did this study on more than 2 lakh people for more than 6 years. They compared those who exercised a lot (jogging, playing strenuous sports such as tennis) with those who exercised less (light-swimming, doing household chores, etc.). They found that people who did strenuous physical exercise had a 9 to 13 percent lower risk of death than those who did light exercise.

Dr. Klaus Gebel of James Cook University Center for Chronic Disease Prevention has done this research. Gabel said, ‘If you mold yourself through physical exercise, then it does not matter whether you are obese, heart patient or you have diabetes. Study results indicate that heavy exercise can lead to longevity.