Underweight Health Risks

Health problems due to underweight

Do you know the underweight health risks?

You will be unaware of these underweight health risks, We will discuss this issue in this article of My Health Only.

Let us tell you the health risks of underweight..

The normal weight of both women and men is scientifically determined according to their age and height. If the weight is 15-20 percent less than normal, you are considered underweight. We understand this with an example. Suppose a woman age is between 26-30 and height is between 148-151 cm, then the weight should be around 47 kg. If the weight remains at 40 kg (15%) or 37 kg (20%), it will be said to low weight. The BMI (body mass index) of a 47-year-old woman should be 20.6 kg / square meter. BMI also begins to decrease when weight is lost.

At the same time, if the age of a man is between 25-50 and height is about 176 cm, then the normal weight should be around 70 kg. If the weight is 60 kg (15%) and 57 kg (20%), it will be considered underweight.

Come, now we know what causes of weight loss

1- Hyperthyroidism:

There is a butterfly-shaped gland in the throat, called the thyroid. The hormones produced by this make the body parts operate properly. In hyperthyroidism, excessive hormones are produced, due to which the level of metabolism begins to deteriorate, the heart is not able to function properly and the weight also starts to decrease.

2- Cancer:

Weight loss occurs even when there is cancer. Also problems like tiredness, loss of appetite and nausea can occur.

3- TB:

Weight loss is reduced rapidly even when caught by this disease. Along with this, problems like cough, excess tiredness and night sweats etc. can be faced. If you are constantly losing weight due to TB, then you should immediately tell your doctor about it. The doctor will treat you accordingly.


People who suffer from HIV AIDS also lose weight gradually. Therefore, once it is confirmed, you should consume medicines from time to time as per the advice of the doctor. Along with this, necessary changes should be made in your lifestyle, so that your health remains healthy.

5- Kidney disease:

It can be a sign of kidney failure when you feel that you are having urine again and again, but you still feel urine after coming from the restroom. This can cause problems such as decreased ability to hold urine, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, strange taste in the mouth, rashes and itching on the skin and smell of ammonia in the breath. Apart from this, your appetite can also be reduced, which leads to weight loss.

Health problems due to underweight

6- Medicines:

There are some antibiotic drugs that work to reduce your appetite. When you feel hungry, you are unable to eat properly, due to which you do not get the necessary nutrients. Therefore, before taking any medicine, please ask your doctor once.

7- Imbalance in food:

When you do not eat food at a certain time and with nutritious elements, you become prone to diseases like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. These are both eating disorders. The sufferer suffers from this fear of losing or gaining weight. Such people are always worried about their weight and think about deteriorating body size. In a way, we can say that it is also a disease associated with mental disorders.

8- Enzyme deficiency:

Digestive enzymes are extremely important for digestion and absorption of nutrients. Only with their help is physical development. When the internal walls of the stomach are not able to use the digestive enzyme properly, it increases the risk of losing weight.

9- Genetic:

To some extent, family background may also be the cause of underweight. If the weight of your family members is low, then it can be guessed that you too have to face two-four of this problem.

10- Bad liver:

The body does not get the necessary nutrients when liver is bad. For this reason, weight loss also starts. To avoid this problem, you should keep away from alcohol and cigarettes.

In the last part of the article, we are telling you what health problems can happen if you underweight.

Health problems due to underweight

1- Weak immunity:

Due to underweight immunity can be weakened. If immunity does not work properly, you soon fall prey to other diseases. As soon as there is a slight change in the weather, the effect on health starts. Apart from this, there is also the possibility of dangerous diseases like cancer.

2- Anemia:

Iron deficiency in the body can cause anemia. In such a situation, the underweight person often feels tired. He is not able to eat properly, due to which he does not get enough nutrients and the body lacks energy. As a result, the amount of blood in the body also starts to decrease and diseases like anemia take place in the body.

3- Reproductive problems:

Low weight in women also affects fertility. This makes the menstrual cycle irregular and makes it difficult for a woman to conceive. If there is a pregnancy, there is a possibility of miscarriage. At the same time, underweight men may face sexual problems. They may have pain during sexual intercourse, low sperm quality, and may have problems such as erectile dysfunction.

4- Weak bones:

Both underweight women and men may face osteoporosis. This is due to changes in hormones and a decrease in vitamin-D and calcium. Osteoporosis is a disease associated with bones, in which the chance of fracture increases manifold.

Be healthy, be happy.