Understand the digestive system in children…

Gas and children

Gas is a natural action. Not only children, young people and elderly also leave gas.. Usually the children eat many extra things and drink many unhealthy beverages. For example. Masala Soda etc., it is imperative to make gas in the stomach.. Many types of diseases also come out due to gas emissions. The fear of pain in the stomach also decreases. Experts believe that children have less gas than adults. But if your child leaves more gas than usual, contact pediatrician.


If your child is feeling jealous of the chest, then understand that it has become acidity. This is often caused by eating at the wrong time. Apart from this, if you eat dinner late, eat disorderly diet or eat more of the oil content. It is essential that the children feed a little bit in the short intervals so that they do not have acidity problems. Despite this, if the problem of acidity continues, then it is better to consult experts.

Bacteria and viruses

Bacteria and viruses can spread easily in children. This happens especially when the food is not well washed or their hands dirty. Apart from this, if many friends are eating together in the same plate By doing so, bacteria present in one’s hands easily move in the hands of others. These bacteria reach the stomach through the hand. Consequently, diarrhea can occur. It is important to keep the children’s hands clean. Also, take special care of cleaning the diet specially.

Diarrhea problem

If your child is going to latrine more than three times a day. Then understand that he has diarrhea. As mentioned above, the diarrhea is caused by bacteria, viruses etc. Apart from this, diarrhea can also be due to allergic reactions to a particular diet. By the way the diarrhea gets healed in one to two days. If it is not so, then do not delay in showing the doctor. … and of course, take clean water only.

Vomit also is problem

Like diarrhea, vomiting can also be due to food infections in children. Eating with dirty hands or eating a dirty diet. Dirty drinks can also be responsible for this. Vomiting can be cured in one to two days, just like Diarrhea. If not right then contact the doctor. Also, notice the situation of vomiting being done by your child so that there is a facility to tell the doctor.