Types of piles, know their symptoms…

4 types of piles, also called piles or hemorrhoids. This occurs when the rectum or anus, swelling of the veins of the veins in the doorway. It is usually the ‘varicose veins’ disease of the nerves of the rectum. Hemorrhoids can also be in the inner area of ​​the rectum or the outer part of the anus. There may be several reasons for having piles. During excretion, due to constipation, it can also be hemorrhoids due to pushing. Due to the pressure on the anal nerves in pregnancy, this problem can often be seen in women. Symptoms of Piles can also be different. Itchy on the rectum gates, there may be bleeding besides swelling. In it many times rectum wart comes out.

Types of piles

Piles or hemorrhoids are mainly of 4 types. It emerges over time in the person’s body for different reasons.

Internal Hemorrhoids

As the name implies, these hemorrhoids flourish in the inner part. It develops inside the rectum. In some cases they are not visible because they develop inside the anus. These types of piles do not cause any serious problem, and if the changes are made in the diet, then they are gradually cured.

External Hemorrhoids

This type of hemorrhoids develops on the outer edge of the anus. They develop on the same place From where the defecations are done. In some cases they appear late but sometimes it develops in the form of lump on the place of anus. There is not much of a problem in the initial stage, but with this increase in lump the problem also increases.

Prolapsed piles

When internal piles swelling and it starts to flow out of the anus, then this condition is called prolapsed piles. A lump in it, which has swelling. By identifying this type of lump, you can consult the doctor.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids

Bloody hemorrhoids can be seen as the biggest complication of hemorrhoids, because the person becomes weak due to bleeding. In this situation, severe pain and swelling develop to develop which affect your lifestyle. There are many ways to defend it. If blood is found during excretion, then immediately consult the expert, knowing its seriousness.

How to avoid hemorrhoids

You can avoid serious problems like hemorrhoids by making some minor changes in lifestyle.

Not be hemorrhoids, It is important for this to. Your diet should be healthy. Have a balanced diet, In which the amount of fruits and vegetables is high.

The main reason for constipation of piles is to eat fruits and vegetables to avoid this, as it contains more fiber content, which easily cleanses our intestines. It does not cause constipation.

Stay away from things like meat, fish and fried things, alcohol, smoking.

Get up early in the morning and sleep by night at time.

Do Yoga and Exercise, Everyday Walk.

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Make life stress free.