Treatment of common vaginal discharge…


Treatment of common secretion

1. Use baby wipes:

When going to the bathroom, clear extra secretion. Do not try to wipe your vagina very much in the inside; You just clean the outside the vagina. Use odorless and chemical free wipes.

2. Change your underwear:

Changing your underwear 2-3 times a day can help in the problem. This will help keep the bacteria away from the vagina and it will also reduce your problems and odor.

  • The choice of the right underwear is very important, wearing wrong may also cause problems. Wear cotton underwear with good ventilation (wearing sticking jeans can also cause problems).

3. Wind the body:

Try to give as much air as possible, Sleep naked if you can. Roam inside your house without pants or underwear. Air will help to reduce the irritability of your skin and chances of infection. If there is an imbalance of just bacteria in your body, then it can also help to cure the problem, as it will give you the opportunity to restore yourself to normalize your body.

4. Use a pad or pantyliner in cases of maximum volume vaginal discharge:

Generally you want to avoid them, because the body usually does vaginal discharge to get rid of something and keeping something close to your body is not good idea. If you are in a situation where there is a need to keep regular checkup of secretion, or secretion is so bad that it cannot be controlled, you can use a pad or pantyliner. Try to change it as often as possible.

  • Do not use cleaning products. Many cleaning products that meet the shop include fragrances or soaps, These can make you feel clean for a while. But in reality in the long run the problem will get worse. They will disturb the natural pH of their vagina and cause extra time to bring it back to its normal condition.

5. Try herbal remedies to control your vaginal discharge:

Herbs are safe and effective treatments to prevent abnormal secretion from the vagina. Many herbal remedies have been effective in eradicating vaginal mucosa infection. Many of them have also taken kashayas to reduce the flow of abnormal secretion.