To prevent hair fall and whitening, so never break it, these 6 rules of hair care…

Many people are troubled by the problem of hair fall and white hair. This problem is being found in young boys and girls. The reason for this is that nowadays people do not follow certain rules of hair care in the trend of looking fashionable, which causes hair to weaken and break down. Apart from this, people’s wrong lifestyle, pollution and catering are also largely responsible for this problem. If you also break these six rules of hair care, be careful.

Prevent hair fall, do not use comb or brush in wet hair

Combs in wet hair pulls hair and weakens and breaks down. Therefore, comb in wet hair should be avoided. Hair should always be solved after drying. To solve hair always resolve with ease by taking small braided.

Hair rubbing wiping

Hair should not be washed with much hot water. Along with this, they should not be wiping by rubbing them too much. To dry the hair should be used not to be rough but soft towel. Wrap the towels over the head and make the water of the head dry.

Do not daily oil in the hair

Oil is an essential nutrient for hair. It strengthens the hair in the required glow and hair fibers. So put oil in your hair. But do not regularly put oil in the hair because it blocks the hair follicles of hair, which makes it difficult for hair to grow. Coconut oil is the best for prevent hair fall.

Hair trimming is also important

If the hair is not taken care of, then the hair becomes rude, lifeless and two-faced. Therefore, proper care of the hair is very important. Trimming them for hair care is a good solution. To make hair attractive it is important to keep the hair slightly trimming from the bottom once in two or three months. Haircut is the growth of hair.

Avoid dust and sunlight to prevent hair fall

Hair should be protected from pollution, dust, soil and air. By not doing this, your hair becomes stiff and lifeless. So, when going out of the house, bind the hair and cover them with scarves, umbrellas or caps.

Use chemical less shampoo conditioner

If you want healthy hair, then choose shampoo and conditioner carefully. For example, if your hair is curly, keep in mind that your shampoo and conditioner will be sulphate and silicon-free. Sulfate can make curly hair more dry and silicon curly hair more. Sulfate-free kit is very important for hair care.