These changes occur in women after delivery…

As there are physical and mental changes in women during pregnancy, even after delivery, there are many major changes in the body of the woman, especially in the first week. Let us know what physical and mental changes women have to undergo after delivery.

It is natural to have a change in the body of women after delivery. Some women take care of themselves since the beginning of conception, such women have very little change after childbirth. Many times it seems that this woman did not get pregnant. While many women get a lot of change, in the body. Even then, there is definitely little change in the body of women after delivery.

After delivery changes occurring –

Skin changes

After the birth of the child, the women whose skin is rusty, Their skin becomes even more rusty than before, the skin of the breast, abdomen and thighs is drawn in pregnancy. Due to this stretch, light colored stains appear on the skin of women’s body.

Gaining weight

The weight of almost all women increases during the pregnancy period. After delivery, the weight of women remains high. Due to the consumption of more lubricated food, nuts etc the weight of women goes up. Women who weigh more in weight. The baked red-colored wounds on their body appear to be visible. To reduce body weight, exercise should be done under the supervision of an expert.

Fall of hair

After the birth of a child, the problems of women’s hair loss, being thin, hair becoming white and not growing hair is common practice. Usually it cures itself. To avoid this problem, take a healthy diet and take proper care of the hair.

Tooth problems

After delivery, women’s teeth decrease the glare. Problems also arise in the crack in teeth, holes in the teeth, swelling of the gums, and coming of pus.

Breasts changes

Due to changes in hormones continuously during pregnancy, women’s breast becomes heavy and bigger. In such cases, if the breast is not properly care. their size changes. Once the breast is loose or hanging, it can not be resized again. Pain in the uterus can also be felt. Especially when breastfeeding this pain may start, because breastfeeding causes the uterus to shrink. Pain in the breasts may also be felt. After the delivery, the size of the breasts also increases. The size begins to grow on the second or third day of delivery, which can be a little inconvenient.

Changes in legs

After delivery in women, the ducts that bind the body’s ligament muscles and two bones become loose, thereby changing the size of the feet. After delivery, bone size changes. For this reason, changes in women’s move also change. This also causes pain in the waist and hips.


Perineum is the place where women are stitched after delivery. Stitches mark and muscle fatness and pain persists for a few days. The pain of stitches ends up gradually after the passage of time and exercise.

Increase in size of uterus

In women, after childbirth, uterus become bigger and thicker than before. After more bleeding to about 6 months and longer period of menstrual period, the size of the uterus gradually becomes normal. This is due to changes in hormones.

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge occurs after a few weeks of delivery. Initially this discharge is reddish. Then after a few days it starts to be brown-pink color. Gradually this color goes light. You should use the sanitary towel during this time.

Mental changes

Many times after delivery the women thinks of crying or many different types of thoughts come to mind. This can be due to hormonal changes in the body.

It is not necessary that you have to go through all the changes mentioned above. There may be some changes in you. So be patient and enjoy the experience of becoming a mother. Also check with the doctor from time to time.