These 9 problems occur in the throat, early signs of thyroid cancer, know the cure…

Swelling of the throat, difficulty in swallowing food and water, you usually ignore it as a general problem of throat. But if you have these problems frequently, or for a long time, then it may also be a sign of thyroid cancer. Thyroid gland is in our throat, which releases some essential hormones for our body. Thyroid cancer cases are 3 times higher than men in women. Let’s tell you what is the initial symptoms of thyroid cancer and how it can prevent it.

What are the symptoms of thyroid cancer?

Throat pain and swelling

Feeling the pain of touching the lower part of the throat

Lumps in the throat

The patient experiences weakness.

Having trouble swallowing water, food and spit

Excessive fatigue due to physical activity

Periods are more painful than usual and the periods get faster.

Pain in the body is caused by thyroid cancer, especially in muscles and joints.

There is frequent intestinal problems in thyroid cancer.

Which people have a higher risk

Usually this disease occurs in people over 30 years of age. There is less chance of getting it in the youth and children. as well as the, this disease is found to be 3 times higher in woman than in man, people who come in contact with radiation therapy increase the risk of developing thyroid cancer. So if you take radiation therapy to treat any disease, then ask the doctor about the dangers. as well as the, this disease is also genetic, so if a person has a thyroid cancer in the family already, then he is at risk.

What is thyroid cancer treatment?

Thyroid cancer is detected immediately through ultrasound and thyroid scan. Once detected, the entire gland is removed by its immediate operation. After this, radioactive iodine therapy (a method of radiation) is given to patients without delay. The need for radiotherapy and chemotherapy techniques in thyroid cancer is quite small. Every thyroid cancer patient needs radiation therapy after surgery.

Such people use caution

There is no definite way to stop thyroid cancer. If you have had radiotherapy around your neck, Especially when you were children, then keep regular checkups with your doctor about thyroid cancer. Such people, whose family has a history of thyroid cancer, should also continue check-up with the doctor in this context. Follow your doctor’s advice and stay away from this disease.