These 8 symptoms are seen in the body before kidney cancer, be careful…

Cancer is a serious disease, which can occur in any part of the body. Kidney is an important part of our body, so kidney cancer is considered very dangerous. However, before the kidneys cause cancer, the body gives some indication, it is very important to identify and check it at the right time. Kidney cancerous can be to anyone but it is usually more prone to people who suffer from obesity or drink cigarettes and bidi more.

The symptoms of kidney cancer are not easily seen

Because the kidney is the internal organ of the body, you can neither see nor touch it. This is the reason that kidney cancer is not easily detected. Apart from this, there are a lot of common signs when there is a problem in the kidneys, which people initially ignore. This is the reason that after reaching the last 3 or 4th stage, when people are diagnosed with kidney cancer, the treatment becomes difficult and sometimes the life of the person goes away too. Let’s tell you what signs the body gives before kidney cancer.

Body signs before kidney cancer

The most common symptom of kidney cancer is, bleeding with urine. Although blood is accompanied by urine it comes, in many other diseases it happens. but if this happens, you should definitely check it. Apart from these, other symptoms also appear as-

Pain in the waist and lower abdomen

Feeling any lump (or heavier stuff) in the lower part of the stomach or back

Frequent fever

Sweating while sleeping at night

Fatigue and laziness

Feeling sick from inside

Without any effort lose weight

Swelling in legs and claws

How does kidney cancer investigate?

The doctor examines the common symptoms of kidney cancer, which can confirm the cancer. For this, urine test, blood test, ultrasound, CT scan and MRI can be examined. In addition, biopsy provides the most accurate information about kidney cancer, because in this investigation, a small tissue is removed from the kidney and tested through microscope.

Treatment of kidney Cancer

Firstly, doctors find out what cancer is in stage when kidney cancer is detected. Along with this it is also detected, which parts of the cancer have spread. After this, treatment is started. Kidney cancer is usually treated by radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.