These 6 symptoms of weak liver, it may be dangerous to ignore…


Symptoms of weak liver

When the liver is weak it gives sign

Liver is one of the most important parts of our body. In Indian people, the limbs in which the disease is most commonly found are the liver after heart and kidney. World Liver Day is celebrated every year on April 19th, to keep liver healthy and spread awareness about liver diseases. Liver helps in more than 500 body functions in our body. The body gives you some indication before the liver develops a malfunction. Let’s tell you what is the symptoms of weak liver or bad.

Itchy skin

Itching is a common problem in the skin, which we all often overlook. But due to defect in the liver, it may cause itchy skin. In fact, when the liver is damaged, the bile juice formed in it starts dissolving in your blood. When this bile juice starts to freeze under the skin, itching begins.

Blue lines on skin

Many times the blue lines like spider web nets appear beneath your skin. These are due to the amount of estrogen increased in the body. These blue lines indicate that your liver is not working properly. Usually these blue lines appear in the face and feet.

Injuries and bleeding

If only a slight injury your body starts bleeding in more quantity, then this liver may be a sign of weakness. Actually, the protein needed to blood clotting, it liver makes itself. The body lacks this protein when the liver is damaged.

Symptoms of weak liver, bad breath problem

Upon smells of mouth or breath, we often attach it to the mouth dirt. But you would be surprised to know that there may be an indication of the smell coming from the mouth, problem of the liver. In fact, due to the problem of liver cirrhosis, due to the dimethyl sulfide present in the blood, your breath starts to smell like fruit.

Stains-spots and acne on the face

Many times you see brown or black color grains and stains-spots on your face. These can be an indication that your liver is getting worse. When your liver does not work properly, So the quantity of estrogen starts growing in it. Due to this, the element named tyronez increases in the body, causing stains-spots or small grains to come out on the face.

Be palms red

Many times your palms become red and they also feel burning and itching. This can be a sign of liver damage. This can be due to the hormonal imbalance in the blood.