These 5 things that you should never say to your partner at the time of the fight…

Was there a fierce battle with your partner last night? So, now you are regretting all those worthless things, which you had said in anger at that moment? So good, now calm down! We all do so, and you are no exception! When we are angry, we feel there are some things that we should not say to our partner. Here we are telling you some words and sentences that should never be said to your partner when fighting.

I will leave you

Many times when the fight between you or the debate gets sharp, So often it is heard from someone or some other side. While this thing you are just saying in anger, After saying this regret is definitely. So whenever there is any kind of fight between you never say talk about leaving it, It weakens the bond of your relationship.

Do you even love me?

Raising a question on your partner’s love for you is a stupid one that you can do during an argument, and all of us do it! Just because you are fighting, because she can not take away your love from you or your relationship. Arguing or fighting is quite normal, and it proves that both of you have their own opinions. Having opinions is always a good thing – but do not question questions. This can worsen your relationships.

Fights of the past bring to front

Do you want to ruin your relationship? this is not right. If you repeat the old things then the battles will grow. Do not yell at anyone for past events. More than needed allegations give rise to vengeance and attacks. Rather, focus on the current issue and try to fix it. This will keep your relationship with you.

When each other’s name starts calling

Many of us do this when you are hurt and angry, then you do not realize what you are saying and it often goes to the extent of calling the name. A relationship should be different from any misbehavior, whether it is verbal or physical. Calling on the name will only deny your love. During the fight, couple often becomes involved in character murder. But, friends, you need to draw a line somewhere.

Personal attacks

There is also a time where the conjecture of the argument becomes the motto, and you lose patience and get distracted by the real issue. In fact, you will go to any extent to win that argument, even for personal matters, for that matter. While this should not happen. It will take the feelings into a negative situation, from which it can be difficult to come back.