These 5 symptoms are indicative of stomach problems in children…

Problems related to stomach in younger children are common because their digestive power is not strong enough to digest all food types, due to which problems of gas and constipation are found in small children.

All children have different eating habits, children’s stomach is not initially familiar with food habits. This problem is not such a big problem, children balance with this problem over time. If the problem is not running for a long time. In such a situation, the child should check the medical checkup. There are some other symptoms that can tell if your child is having gas problems.

Food related problems in children

If any type of food does not suit the children, then the problem of irritation in their stomach is born. This causes them to feel hungry. The child becomes irritable in such a situation and changes very quickly in his mood. Also stops drinking mother’s milk and this makes his body weak.

Frequent hiccups

Digestive problem produces acid in the baby’s stomach. Because of this, the amount of air in the stomach increases, which causes mumps and pain in the stomach. Due to contraction in the muscles children get hiccups, which have a bad effect on their body.

Respiratory distress

Children also suffer from breathing due to excessive amounts of acid in the stomach, thereby causing respiratory problems in children and many times the problem also becomes the cause of asthma. Overall, the problem of cough is due to continuous breathing problem. This problem can be fixed in time and the child can feel comfortable. Occasionally at the night when the child sleeps, there is also a sound from the child’s nose which is harmful.


Occasionally children who eat anything they vomit. This is the reason why not properly digesting food. if the child is suffering from any type of problem then it should be treated whole, this problem in children is often dangerous. It also proves to be so that it should be given full attention in advance so that the disease does not take terrible form.