These 5 serious diseases are caused by the bad posture of sitting and lying…


Bad posture

Do you also forget the proper way to sitting and lying until someone reminds you to do so? But you will not be aware that bad posture can do more harm than not just back pain. A bad posture can affect your health in a variety of ways. Now you will be correcting your posture while reading it. Here we are telling you how bad posture can be harmful to you.

Digestive disturbances

Yes, it can be very surprising, but your bad posture can get worse digestive function. It can mess with the health of your stomach. A bad posture affects the various organs needed for digestion, which can damage the intestines. Due to bad posture, you are more likely to experience constipation.

Pain in the legs

Bad posture can affect your feet too. Wrong alignment of various organs feels pain, which can make it difficult for you to complete the day’s tasks. That’s why you should improve your posture to keep each part of your body fit and correct.


The pressure and stress of work behind headache is not the only reason. An incorrect posture puts stress on your neck and head which contributes to the headache. Headache can reduce your ability to accomplish a particular task. Immediately fix your posture to avoid headache.

Sleep deprivation

Bad posture can affect your sleep too. Wrong posture brings stress on different muscles. It does not allow you to sleep properly. In such a situation, you will not be able to relax properly. Not just your sitting posture but you should also improve your sleep position for good sleep.

Excessive stress

Work pressure and other responsibilities do not give you much stress, but your stress increases with your wrong posture. A bad posture enhances both mental and physical stress. Bad posture can also cause a hormonal imbalance, which increases the level of cortisol and triggers the stress.