These 5 best homemade face wash for soft and glowing skin…

Homemade face wash

Dust all day long the skin becomes lifeless due to exposure to soil. Although for this, you can use face wash which is available in the market, but due to the overuse, our skin becomes rugged and lifeless. That’s why you can make face wash at your home for clean the inside of your face. This face wash is very gentle for skin and you can use the things available in your kitchen to make it. This allows you to get soft and glowing skin. Let us tell you how to make face wash at home.

Aloe vera face wash

Aloe vera is like a nectar for the face. You can get soft and glowing skin using facial wash made from it. Take one quarter cup of aloe vera gel, 2 spoons almond oil, 2 spoons of rose water and mix it in a bowl. Then put it on your face.

Tomato face wash

Tomatoes easily bleach and cleans the face To make tomato face wash, take 1 teaspoon tomato pulp and add 1 teaspoon milk and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Freshness will come soon after putting it on the face. Or add 4 drops of lemon juice in a large spoon tomato juice and rub it on the skin with the help of cotton. Then leave it like this for 5 minutes. Tomatoes will remove tanning from face wash and skin pores will also open. Along with this the skin will also come in a fix.

Face wash of multani mitti and honey

If the face is sensitive then it will be very good for you face wash of multani mitti and honey. To make this, add ΒΌ teaspoon honey with 1-2 tsp of multani mitti. You can also mix scented oil in it. Mix it and fill it in a tight jar and clean your face with the face regularly.

Face wash of coconut oil and honey

This oil is usually found in all the houses. Apart from this honey deals with many types of skin problems removes. It does not allow skin of lose natural moisture. At the same time, it also cleans the skin. To make a face wash of coconut oil and honey, mix 2 teaspoons of honey and one quarter coconut oil in a bowl. Also add one or two drop of lavender oil in it. By mixing put it like a face wash. This keeps moisture of the skin.