There may be several risks of taking aspirin daily…

Risks of taking aspirin daily

Those people who take a dose of aspirin daily to prevent heart attack while being healthy, they are doing more harm than their own benefits. Some research suggests that those with symptoms of heart attacks or stroke may take aspirin therapy daily to reduce the risk, but healthy people may have many risks of taking Aspirin. So let’s know what may be the risks associated with aspirin.

Healthy people, do not take aspirin

British researchers found in a new research that taking Aspirin is a risk of bleeding, so a healthy person can not be advised to take regular aspirin. However, according to peter weisberg, medical director of the British Heart Foundation, people with symptoms of heart attack or stroke etc. can take some amount of aspirin daily to reduce the risk.

Pervading in people misconceptions

According to experts, there is a misconception among many people that if they take daily aspirin they can avoid heart diseases. Although the truth is that in spite of being healthy for avoiding heart attacks, taking aspirin leads to loss of place instead of benefits.

Research of aspirin for asymptomatic atherosclerosis

But according to a research from ‘AAA’ that is Aspirin for Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis, there is no evidence that aspirin is helpful in avoiding heart diseases. So this is also a considered point due to the seriousness of the subject. However, a study in Lancet some time ago said that low doses of aspirin should not be used regularly to prevent heart attack and paralysis.

Professor Peter Weissberg, According to British Heart Foundation

But the results of this study match our advice that those who do not have any signs of arterial or heart disease or have no heart disease should not take aspirin, because by this profit is low, and increase the risk of bleeding.

Research of Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin Magazine

According to the research published in the UK, Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin magazine, regular use of aspirin is expected to cause internal bleeding and also does not prevent death due to heart disease.

Daily aspirin, who it is given

People who have suffered heart attack or paralysis, aspirin is given in small quantities to protect them from such problems in the future. It is known as the prevention measures of heart attacks and its benefits have been certified.

Doctor’s opinion

According to the doctor, experimented with over 95,000 patients, that regular use of aspirin causes serious risk of bleeding in the intestines, and prevention of cardiovascular disease is even less. According to Dr  “The current evidence of primary defense suggests that there is a very fine balance between the benefits and disadvantages of aspirin. Considerable is that people with diabetes or high blood pressure have a higher risk of heart attacks.