The wax that makes the apple beautiful is for health, how dreadful it is? Learn how to remove it…

By wearing wax layer on apple, they look beautiful and do not get worse quickly. This is the reason that you will get the layer of wax on most apples found in the market. When you go to buy fruit in the market, often seek out a shop where the fruits look bright and attractive, and do not show stains in them. To make apple glossy, shopkeepers offer waxperts on them. It looks very beautiful to see such apples, but it can be very harmful for your health. Let’s tell you the layer of this wax on apple how dangerous can it be.

How to check that the wax is on apple?

Usually by seeing too much bright apples, it shows that the wax layer has been clamped on it. The other way is that when you suspect you scrape the apple peel with a knife. By doing this a white powder is seen, So this is wax. Also, if you rub the waxed apple with your palms, as will appear like white powder. In this way you can easily find out whether the wax layer has been done on apple or not.

Chemicalized synthetic wax can be dangerous

Natural wax coating is also done on apple, which is considered safe for food. But most of the apples available in the market are coated with chemical synthetic wax. By eating such a coating apple, its wax gets stuck in your intestines and gives you many serious diseases of the stomach.

From waxed apples these problems can happen

You may have many health problems by eating waxed apples. Common problems like indigestion and stomach pain can bother you. By consuming this type of apple for a long time you may also have stomach cancer, intestinal blisters and intestinal infection. In addition, in some cases, this wax can also give respiratory disease to the eater.

How to remove wax from apple

Before eating apples you must check whether it is waxed or not. If it is waxed, then washing it with just plain water is not enough to clean it. You can follow these methods to clean wax from apple.

Leave the apple in lukewarm water for 1 minute before eating. This will melt the wax will separate.

After dipping a clean cloth in vinegar, clean apples and then wash in water and eat apples.

Put one spoon baking soda and lemon juice in the water. Now dip the apples well and clean them with hands. After that wash it with plain water and eat it.