The risk of kidney failure increases in diabetes, these 5 signs are seen in the beginning…

Diabetes is a serious disease, which can be deadly many times. This disease increases the amount of sugar in the patient’s blood. It affects the other parts of the body as well as on the patient’s kidneys. Due to increased blood sugar, the patient’s kidneys may fail. There are some signs that there are problems with kidney in patients with diabetes, which can be dangerous to ignore.

In diabetes why is kidney failure

There are several small blood vessels in the kidney that separate and filter the impure substances from your blood. High blood sugar caused by diabetes can destroy these blood vessels. Over time, the kidney does not even qualify for its work. After some time the kidney stops working completely. It is called diabetic nephropathy. If the patients of diabetes do smoke (consuming cigarettes, bidis, cigars, hookahs etc.) then they are more at risk of diabetic nephropathy. In addition to high blood pressure and cholesterol, patients are very much at risk of this disease. Generally in patients with diabetes the following symptoms appear in kidney.

Frequent urination

Diabetic patients usually have urine very quickly, but if the kidney is bad, then this problem can increase further, as well as having kidney damage, the patient’s urine starts to get protein present in the body, Which can be traced by checking urine.

To look bleak

The blood is transmitted through the small arteries to the retina of our eyes. The malfunction of those arteries can damage the retina. A person suffering from diabetic nephropathy should keep on checking his eyes regularly, which can save the eyesight, Because of irregular diabetes, due to the retinal defect the eyesight decreases.

Swelling of the hands and feet and nerves

Diabetic Nephropathy can be a problem of swelling in the legs, In this the nerves of the patient’s feet are damaged Because of which they do not feel any type of injury in the feet. In such cases, do not ignore any kind of problem in the feet.

High blood pressure problem

When there is a problem in the kidney, some changes occur in the body, of which the high blood pressure is one. The problem of blood pressure occurs when there is a problem in blood circulation and the flow of blood in the body is not properly done. In diabetic nephropathy, the blood vessels start shrinking, which does not cause blood flow.

Heart disease

In diabetic nephropathy patients, cardiovascular diseases are more than healthy people. Due to not having complete control over diabetes, cholesterol accumulates in the blood vessels (arteries) of the heart, thereby blocking the flow of blood. As a result, the heart muscle can not get enough blood, due to which the arteries can get blocked and heart attack can occur.