Side Effects of Tea Tree Oil..

Side effects of tea tree oil

Let’s know about side effects of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil also has many negative effects, which can be revealed if it is used excessively. Learn about some of its side effects below.

Let us tell you side effects of tea tree oil

Allergies – One of the most common side effects associated with tea tree oil is allergy. If you use it excessively, so on the skin red colored rashes can occur. People whose skin is highly sensitive should avoid its use.

Poor taste – Using it in the mouth can spoil your taste. The smell of oil may persist in the mouth for some time.

Scalp-related problem – Using it in hair can cause allergic problems in the scalp, although more research is still to be done in this regard.

Side effects of tea tree oil

Tiredness and laziness By using tea tree oil you may feel tired and lethargic.

Diarrhea – Another negative effect of tea tree oil is diarrhea.

Burning or swelling – Applying more tea tree oil on the skin, especially on pimples, can cause skin irritation or inflammation. This can happen more with people whose skin is highly sensitive. Therefore, before using this oil, please consult the concerned doctor.

Pregnancy – Use of tea tree oil during pregnancy can cause itching, rash, dryness of skin, etc., so be sure to consult a doctor before using this oil.

Note: If you are suffering from a serious physical problem, then you should ask a doctor or a specialist before using tea tree oil.

These are all about side effects of tea tree oil .

Frequently asked Questions –

1. How long should tea tree oil be applied on the skin?

You can apply tea tree oil on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes.

2. What if tea tree oil goes inside the body?

If this happens, contact a close doctor soon.

3. Is tea tree oil beneficial for hair?

Yes, you can use this oil for hair.