Symptoms of hypothyroidism…

Hypothyroidism is the condition of the disease in humans that is due to inadequate production of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland.Symptoms of hypothyroidism is the condition of the disease in humans that is due to inadequate production of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism can be caused by the lack of iodine or may also occur as a result of thyroiditis after childbirth, it is a condition that affects almost women within one year after giving birth to the baby. Sometimes hypothyroidism is also genetic, and sometimes it is also found in the form of ineffective symptoms on the chromosome.

Thy thyroid gland is the main gland of energy and digestion in the lower part of the throat. This gland secrete such genes from which the cells perform their function smoothly. Hypothyroidism, there are slowly spreading diseases. People have been suffering from these symptoms for many years but there is no treatment in our traditional medical system and whereby that it can be corrected properly. The main reason for this is that whatever complaints come in, they are very minor and unclear. The wrong thing is that in most cases hypothyroidism is not initially born as a problem of thyroid. It starts with a disorder in the immune system, but most doctors do not perform anti body tests, by which autoimmunity is visible. Therefore, in order to treat thyroid, you need to go to the root of imbalance, taking medication is like going in the wrong direction to see the symptoms increasing.

Early symptoms of hypothyroidism

Decrease in the ability to bear the cold
Thinning of hair and easy breakage
Yellowness on body or face
Sweating reduce
Dry and itching skin
Increasing weight and thirsting more
Decrease in muscle function capacity
Muscle stiffness and joints pain
Increase due to swelling of the throat juice vessels
The finger nails become thin and easy to break

Symptoms of hypothyroidism that are visible later

Slow voice
Stammering or depth or heaviness in voice
Pouty face
Hair loss of eyebrows
Unusual monthly cycle in women
Decrease in the basic temperature of the body

Common symptoms that appear late

Hair fall
Difficulty swallowing
Shortness of breath
Sleep more
Irritability and mood stay unstable
Yellowness in the skin
Memory weakness
Slowing of heart rate
Glucose deficiency also after eating
Slow and sluggish body responses
Unusual function of kidney
Increasing the level of serum cholesterol
Intense mentality
Reduction in sex due to low production of testosterone
Forget or lack of understanding of taste and smell
Bloated face along with arms and legs also