Symptoms of heart murmur…

There are usually no signs of innocent Heart Murmur This is because the innocent murmur is not caused by any heart problem.

But as the unusual heart murmur, is caused by the problems of Heart, those people with abnormal heart murmur exhibit symptoms. The symptoms of heart murmur depend on its causes. Generally, when the ability to pump the blood of the heart from the murmur is significantly affected, you can feel one or more of the following symptoms.

Symptoms of heart murmur

Due to lack of proper eating and physical exhaust (in infants).

– Breathlessness which can arise with physical labor.

– Too much sweat by little hard work.

– Having a blue mark on the skin (especially on the ends and lips of the fingers).

Complain of cough for a long time.

– Dizziness or fainting.

– Being swollen or sudden weight gain.

– Growth of the liver.

– Tour of fast pulsation.

– Inability to do physical labor.

These symptoms point to Heart Murmur.

Most of the heart murmur are due to the blood flowing through the heart valves. And there is no need to treat them. But the heart murmur may occur due to the passing of blood through a valve with any damaged or excessive work pressure. This deficiency in the valve can happen from childhood, which can lead to serious problems such as other diseases like rheumatic fever, heart disease, heart attack or infective endocarditis.

Since some heart murmur are not harmful, It does not mean that you are absolutely careless. If you see any signs of heart murmur, you must meet a heart specialist and take all necessary precautions.