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How to handle your sweaty hands and feet

Do you know why you have sweaty hands and feet?

You will be unaware of these reasons of sweaty hands and feet

We will discuss this problem in this article of My Health Only, How to handle your sweaty hands and feet.

Let’s know why I have sweaty hands and feet?

Generally, some parts of the body sweat more, but not everyone sweats in the palm and soles. If you also sweat in the soles of the palm and feet, then this information is for you. Sweating in the palm and soles even at normal temperatures is not exactly a normal process, but it can also be an indicator of a health problem.

Actually, this problem of sweating even at normal or low temperature, and especially in the palm and soles of the feet, can also be a disease called hyperhidrosis. Occasionally, it can be normal, but frequent sweating in this way may indicate hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating throughout the body, not only the palm or soles, also reflects this problem.

Sweating may be a process of removing unwanted elements from the body, which is a part of the internal cleansing of the skin and body, but on the other hand, excessive sweating can spoil your health. Excess sweat produces moisture, and the bacteria that grow in it affect your health and play an important role in causing many diseases.

Hyperhidrosis is usually treated by an operation of the sweat gland, but you can reduce the problem of excessive sweating to some extent. For this you should choose clothes that can soak up sweat and may your skin breathe.

Apart from this, it is very important to keep them open to avoid sweat coming in the soles of the palm and feet. Throughout the day if you are packed with socks and shoes in or out of the office, keep them completely open at home. Also remove shoes and socks from feet whenever possible. This will reduce sweating and bacteria will not grow.

Openness is also necessary for the hands and keep constant air in it, also keep in mind that. Always keep hands clean and also take special care of body cleanliness.

Take a bath every day and clean the skin by wiping it thoroughly, then use Deo or other products. If possible, add a few drops of anti-bacterial liquid in the bath water.