Spicy junk food: Dangers even with flavors…



(IANS / IPN). In the scorching summer, in the evening, every street in the streets of the cities is starting to be buzzing with food and drink. The economies of affordable and spicy junk food or fast food that are available to them include people of all ages, but wait! These things can give more diseases than flavors.


Dr. RC Sharma says that spices falling in noodles make people addictive. It contains a mixture of Ajinomoto, which weakens the taste glands. After a long time, ordinary salt is not even known after consuming it. Likewise, eating of Patty, momos, pizzas, burgers etc. also causes all diseases.


Patty takes at least three days to reach the customer from bakery. In such a situation, there is full apprehension that the potatoes filled in it will be damaged. Momose-boiled flour is also harmful to the digestive system.

Indo-Asian News Service.

Doctors advice:

1. In addition to fast food or junk food in summer, should also be avoided with fried foods.

2. Drink plenty of water. Lemon use is also better with water.

3. Before eating the watermelon and muskmelon, it must be should keep for at least three hours in water.

4. If you eat fast food too use only the famous sauce.

5. Before eating filled potatoes in samosa it must be sure that when was the potato boiled.

6. Avoid the use of raw ice immediately after coming from the sun. Do not drink colorful sorbet.

7. Do not use oil and sharp spices in the food.

8. Seasonally eat more fruits but do not eat pre-cut fruits.

9. Use of raw mango, mango cake, mint and fennel is beneficial.

10. Do not drink sugarcane juice already taken out beforehand. Lassi and yogurt are beneficial.